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Just filling in the anime memes I created. If you want the originals, here's a link

Chapter 1


My Character
Name: Paola
Nation/Country: Colombia
Gender: Female
Appearance: Curly brown hair, green eyes, tan skin, wears a yellow sundress, and has a warriors body.
Personality: Loud, outgoing, adventurous, flirty, loves a challenge, can stay calm under lots of situations
Other: Spains younger sister, he and many others pretty much consider her insane.

Favorite characters Random order

1) Austria
2) Hungary
3) England
4) Spain
5) Canada
6) Italy
7) America
8) Germany
9) France
10) Prussia
11) Finland
12) Poland
13) Sweden
14) Russia
15) Romano
16) Lithuania


1) 10 offers to cook you a romantic dinner, what do you do?

Prussia? A romantic dinner? Well, It's pretty impressive that you even know how to do that, but I suspect some hidden motive for this.

2) 6 crashes in and demands that 10 explain why he's cheating on him with you. What's your reaction?

Italy crashes in to demand why Prussia is cheating on him... Were you two seriously dating?! Oh god, Prussia, what will Germany say?

3) 6 and 10 end up making up and leave you alone. Later, 3 enters and offers you a boxed lunch that he handmade for you. Your reply?

Well, see ya later Prussia and Italy. I guess you like albino's over blondes.
England, you made me a boxed lunch... Well, um, thanks, but um, I'm not hungry... But don't worry, I'm sure someone's bound to like your cooking.

4) Later at a party that 13 is throwing, 12 pulls you to the side and gossips to you about 11 and 5's relationship.

Hmm, Sweden throws parties? Anyway, Poland's gossiping about Finlands and Canada's relationship. They actually look pretty nice together. I'm happy for them if they are really serious.

5) Then 14 comes screaming out of a closet, cursing 4 for locking him in the closet with 7.

Russia comes screaming out of a closet, cursing Spain for locking him in there with America. Hmm, I wonder what America could possibly have done to him? I've never seen Russia terrified before...

6) Through all the commotion, 1 walks up to you and asks you on a date. Describe what happens and how the date turns out.

Oh, Austria. Does that mean you and Hungary aren't together? Well then, sure!
As to how the date went, it was actually pretty nice. He played me a song on his piano and then we had a nice lunch that he made himself. He's a really good cook. Overall, the date was better than I expected.

7) Sometime later, 15 tells you of his deep love for 1 and asks you how you feel about it.

Romano, you love Austria?! But, but, what would Spain say? And, I don't know, I kind of like Austria, he's really nice.

8) Then 6 invites you to his house to chat, something happens and 6 ends up getting you to kiss him.

I kissed Italy?! What?! It's not that I don't like you Italy, it's just, so unexpected. I'm going to need some time to think about this.

9) 10 then breaks up with 6, brokenhearted that he cheated. Then 10 finds himself in the comforting arms of 4. What's your opinion?

Prussia breaks up with Italy and then runs to Spain for support. Well, I didn't think Prussia and Italy's relationship would work out, but why did Prussia run to my big brother? Does he like him? Because that's just... awkward.

10) 11 calls you up, admitting that they have loved you ever since you've met.

You love me Finland?! Well, I have to say, out of all the other nations, I kind of, had a crush on you. Maybe we could give it a go?

11) Despite what happens 5 comes to you and tells you to stay away from 11.

But Canada! He's the one who admitted his love for me! And if were meant to be, you can't keep us apart! It's strange that you're being so outspoken right now. It's so unlike you.

12) Somehow 13 convinces you to go to a party as 16's date, 13 laughs the entire time your with 16.

Sweden is convincing now?! What is the world coming to? But going to the party with Lithuania isn't that bad. Lithuania is a good guy so I don't really mind. But why was Sweden laughing?! I don't really see what's so funny. Maybe he thinks Poland will have a fit.

13) What's would you think if 9 and 16 were in love?

France and Lithuania? Well, France pretty much loves everyone so it's not that odd, but with Lithuania of all people? I thought for sure that he would want England.

14) What about 7 and 8?

Oh, America and Germany? Nice, I think they could get along nicely. Not like Italy and Germany are going to end up together. Last I checked, he was getting me to kiss him.

15) Suddenly 2 starts flirting with you and 4 gets jealous. You and 2 run away as 4 starts smashing stuff.

Hungary is flirting with me now? And why is Spain getting jealous? Maybe he's just not happy that a girl is flirting with his little sister. That might explain why he's angry enough to smash stuff. I don't really feel comfortable running away with Hungary though.

16) Then you and 2 kiss, 3 watching in surprise. 3 then goes and tells 6 who stops you and 2.

But I didn't kiss her! Hungary kissed me! I tell you England, what you saw wasn't real! And anyway Italy, what's it to you if I'm into girls? You have no right to tell me who I can and cannot kiss! But all this doesn't matter anyway because I don't like girls in that way.

17) At a pool party, you and 11 are playfully swimming together and 5 joins in. But then they end up making out, ignoring you.

Me and Finland are playing around. He's so sweet. But Canda comes over and starts kissing Finland! What the heck?! And then you just ignore me?! You said you loved me Finland! You said you loved me! runs away, cursing Finland under her breath

18) 12 calls you and asks you what you think of 16 and 9. Then asks you if it's okay if 12 goes out with16.

How did you get my phone number Poland?! Was it you who prank called last week?! That was not appreciated! But anyway, what about France and Lithuania? Oh! You love Lithuania then! I knew it! I just knew it!

19) 14 starts dancing with you. You won't admit it, but he is a horrible dancer. You laugh accidentally and he grows sad. Will you consol him, or make it worse?

Russia dancing? Well, he really is terrible, and funny. I don't know why laughing made him sad, but I'll probably tell him he's not that bad, because he is nice, I think.

20) You walk into a random room to find 3 and 8 locking lips. What happens?

Germany and England! Well I see them, scream there names in surprise, then quickly shut the door and pretend I didn't see anything. No one would believe me if I told them anyway.

21) 16 and 15 get drunk together and start singing. They force you to join them and then 16 takes center stage and leave you and 15 in the dust.

Lithuania and Romano are singing and force me to join. I would have joined anyway. They didn't have to force me. But Romano takes center stage. That's just so like him. Always trying to be the center of attention.

Your opinion on these pairings?
22) 11/7?

Finland and America? Him, makes me think of Canada and America. Finland is so sweet and America is a lot like me, so I'm sure it could work out eventually.

23) 11/12?

Finland and Poland? No, just no. Lithuania and Poland belong together. Finland has so many others he can end up with! Like, maybe me.

24) 7/4?

America and Spain? No, I just can't see them together. It just won't work out.

25) 1/15?

Austria and Romano? I say no because Austria is mine and Romano belongs with my big brother.

26) 9/16?

France and Lithuania? How many times must I veto them?! France will love anyone, at least with England he's not destroying anyone too badly, but if he and Lithuania were together, Lithuania would be destroyed.

27) You and 6?

Me and Italy? Well, Italy is sweet and we did kiss. It could work out, especially since I love pasta! I could eat it everyday! And am not too bad a cook with it.

28) You and 3?

Me and England? I doubt it would work out. It's not that I don't like England, I just don't like his food or tea. I might even prefer France over England.

29) Who do you think is cuter? 6 or 15?

Italy or Romano? Brothers? Really? I have to choose between almost identical brothers?! Well, I guess I have to go with Italy because He's always smiling so cutely ^.^

30) Who is a better nation in your opinion? 2 or 13?

Hungary or Sweden. Well, if were talking about the representatives, I'd prefer Sweden's company. Don't have much of an opinion oh which country is better.

For a recap, who seemed the most out of character?
Well, both Italy and Canada seemed unusually aggressive. Especially Italy, the way he kept switching around with who he liked.

Also, who was the most angry at what happened?
Not sure, could have been anyone.

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