A Time to Love -- One Direction Group story

Hello! This is a One Direction fan fiction love story. I hope you like it. Please comment and rate!


Chapter 1


by: _goodbye
I felt goosebumps appear on my arm as the horror movie I was watching filled with suspence. My best friend Lillian was watching it with me. She looked pretty scared and was rocking herself back and forth.

"Celeste...... I can't watch this!" Lillian shouted. "Sssssshhhhh!" I told her. The good part was about to come then..... the killer raised his knife and without hesitation..... stabbed his helpless victim repeatedly in the heart. Blood went all over his clothes and splattered on the walls in the victim's room.

Lillian let out a little scream as she saw all of the blood splatter everywhere. It looked so...... real. That's exactly how I like it.

Then, Lillian picked up the remote and turned off the tv. "Oh, come on Lillian! It wasn't that scary!" I said to her. "But there was so much...... blood. More than I expected." She said. I rolled my eyes at her. "It's a horror movie what'd you expect?" I asked her. She continued to look at me with her violet eyes.

I decided it was time to move into another activity. "You wanna listen to some music?" I asked her. She nodded happily. I went to my room as Lillian followed me. I pulled out my radio from under my bed. Then opened my drawer to pick out a CD.

I saw my favorite One DIrection album and quickley put it in the CD player. I knew that Lillian didn't like One Direction but.... I just really needed to listen to them. Especially Harry..... I love his voice.

The CD started playing 'what makes you beautiful' and I sang along with Harry. Lillian just stood at my door with her arms folded across her chest. She was obviously annoyed about the CD choice I made. She rolled her eyes at me, walked over to my radio and took out the CD.

"Hey!" I shouted at her.
"Celeste, try listening to some real music." Lillian said as she put in a Green Day album in the CD player.

I shrugged my shoulders and Lillian and I began to dance. Oh how I would love to meet Harry Styles in person. I'd end up making a complete fool of myself but, oh well.

"CELESTE!!!! TURN DOWN THAT DAG ON MUSIC!!!!" My mother shouted from downstairs. I hesitated then took out the CD.

"Sorry." I said to Lillian. "It's okay." She replied. Lillian knew about my mom and her drinking problem after my dad died.

"How about we watch another movie?" I aksed her. "Sure!" She said happily.

We watched a horror movie. But this time, there was less blood. The movie was 'The Grudge'. We turned out the light and ate popcorn as we happily watched the movie.

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