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Chapter 1


How old were you? 13
Where did you go to school? middle school
Where did you work? cuz ppl totally hire 13 year olds
Where did you live? In My Apartment new town
Where did you hang out? School? musical rehersals, at my neighbors house
How was your hair style? very long and natural (wavy/curly)
Did you wear glasses? No
Who was your regular-person crush? i think his name was Chris
How many tattoos did you have? tons, i spent lots of money on those stick ons
How many piercings did you have? that was the only year i've had my ears peiced
What car did you drive? None
What was your worst fear? spiders
You been arrested? No
Had your heart broken? No
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter? Single

How old are you? 16 (in a couple days...)
Where do you work? Nowhere
Where do you go to school? highschool blech
Where do you live? different apartment old town
Where do you hang out? w/ friends at library (lol nerd)
Do you wear glasses? yesh
What is your hairstyle? still pretty long, straight, in braid, curled, or natural
Still talk to any of your old friends? Yes.
Who is your current interest? a person...
How many piercings? now none my ears got infected
How many tattoos? no
What kind of car do you have? stick shift X(
What is your biggest fear? spiders them mofos
Has your heart been broken? Yes.
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: FWB


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