who to give my heart for Christmas...

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Chapter 1



Last year we were in love. Now when I look at the lights… all I see is the horrible thing he did to me. They say, “You fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me.” I feel like I’m almost willing to take that chance. I can’t make myself not love him. Last Christmas all I wanted was for him to love me; now all I want is to stop loving him.

As I walk down the old street I feel the light snow flurry onto my olive skin. I close my eyes and remember last year.


“I love you, Sarah,” He’d said for the first time last year.
We stopped in the middle of the walkway. The Christmas lights intertwined beautifully in the branches of the trees. I could hear the bells of the Santas asking for charity. He leaned down to kiss me lightly. His breath smelled like peppermint and coffee.

“I love you too,” I said.

I looked into his loving eyes; a mystical shade of plum in the night’s luminance. Eyes that I never thought could deceive me.


I open my eyes to a hobo shouting at me for daydreaming on what is apparently his bench. I continue walking carrying my feelings of nostalgia. When I get to the café I see him in the corner of the store, sitting in our old spot. At first I think he’s come to see me, when I notice the pink sweater draped over the chair across from him. I dart into the kitchen and peek out the serving window.

“What are you doing?” Jack says, startling me.

He follows my gaze and says, “oh no. You waiting to see who she is?”


After a few moments a tall and slender blonde woman walks over to the chair and sits down.

“Maybe she’s his sister?”

The woman leaned over the small to give Chase a small kiss. I look over to Jack with a knowing look and an eyebrow raised.

“Okay so maybe she’s not his sister?”

I heave a sigh and turn away from the window.

“I’m so sorry, Sarah.”

I slide down the wall and rest my head on my knees.

I remember our first Christmas.


“Oh, Sarah. Don’t leave.” He said.

He slipped his hand into mine and pulled me gently away from the door. He kissed me playfully and led me back to the couch.

“I really need to go,” I giggled against his lips.

“’But baby, its cold outside’,” he hummed.

We shared a laugh at the reference of one of our favorite songs from the 1940’s. He pushed of my coat off my shoulders and pecked the exposed skin…


“Sarah!” Jack shouts. My eyes snap open.

“I have to get him back, Jack.”

“Kay first of all; that rhymed. Second of all; I don’t see that as a very genius idea…”

“Nonsense,” I surge to the staff bathroom with my miniscule makeup bag. I do my best to fix up. I see Jack carrying out Chase’s order. I quickly snatch it from him and hear his scoff.

“Here’s your pancakes and coffee,” I say in a sham tone.

Chase looks up and clears his throat uncomfortably. He looks back down and feigns great interest in his

“Sarah, this is Melody,” Chase gestures to the flaxen haired girl, his eye contact belonging to the syrup.

I take an overly deep breath and say, “did you hear about me and Jack?”

I hear a clatter behind me and Chase nearly chokes on a mouthful of pancake.

“Yeah, we’re dating now,” I continue. I’m not really sure what part of my brain enjoys telling me, ‘say something really stupid! That’s the best way to go!’

“Oh,” Chase breaths.

I bite my tongue and turn on my heel before I can say something that could possibly make the situation

“Sarah! What did you just do?” Jack ‘hush-shouts’ to me.

“I’m sorry I panicked!”

“Yes because that excuse really helps!”

I looked out the server window and saw Chase looking at us. Without thinking once again, I peck Jack and shoot a smug smile at Chase.

Jack makes a “What the hell!” gesture with his arms and stalks away.

Later on Chase makes his way to the counter and says, “I – uh Melody was wondering if you guys wanna come ice skating in central with us later?”

“Yeah, we’d love too,” I blurt.

“What!” I hear Jack say, but I don’t think Chase does since he just shuffles away awkwardly.


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