The Protectors (completed)

A group-story by:


Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

{ Adalyn }

10 years earlier

I heard the front door open, daddy was home.

I ran as fast as my spindly legs could carry me, "Daddy!"

He looked at me, the same scowl that was always on his face, "Susan, why isn't her hair up?" He asked my mother, ignoring my adoring eyes.

"She isn't a protector yet, Garrett, let her be a child," my mother pleaded.

"Adalyn go put your hair up, now," he demanded.

My smile fell, "But why?"

His face reddened with anger and he slapped me across the cheek. "Garrett!" My mother screamed yanking me away from him.

"You don't need to know why. Learn your place." He walked into the kitchen leaving me crying in my mother's arms. She pulled my hair back gently and secured my hair in a tight bun, braiding my bangs into it.

"Adalyn, your father loves you, he wants you to be the best protector, you know that don't you," I could tell she'd been crying but I just nodded.

"What happened, Lynnie Loo?" My brother, Jonah's, voice asked.

"Jonah," my mother warned.

"What happened, Adalyn?" he corrected.

"Daddy said I have to wear my hair up."

"Oh," he said, "Well, it keeps it out of the way and at least he doesn't make you cut it."

I just nodded and so he and my mother left me in the living room.


I bolted up. My alarm had been going off and I slept through it. My heart sped a little. Fear doesn't help. My trainer's voice echoed in my head. I turned to look at the clock, I was nearly a half hour late. I quickly put on my clothes and tried desperately to put my hair up as I went down the hall. We had to keep it up for three reasons:
1) to keep it out of our way
2) to keep it out of the boys' way
3) to keep it out of the enemy's' way

I finally got it up and had barely made it to the meeting room, when something huge exploded in my way. It through me against the hard, metal wall. I felt my head bleeding from impact. I groaned and opened my eyes, fire. It blazed in front of me and I got up quickly. I headed towards the nearest escape pod and got in, shutting the door behind me. I started to turn it on but it wouldn't start. I continually pushed the start up button, but it wasn't working. I slammed my fists down in frustration. I continuing pushing buttons when I heard the door open behind me. A young girl with black hair pulled in a bun, a few pieces had fallen out from the explosion. She had dried blood on the side of her face and her dark brown eyes were wild with fear.

"Can I come with you?" She begged.

I realized this girl was younger than me, she was scared and probably hadn't even started major physical testing yet, "Yes, come on, help me start it up."

She was quiet as she tried to start it up. Learning to navigate and control the escape pods was one of the first things we learned so everyone had pretty much mastered them. I caught sight of her left inside forearm, Kiara Leona.

"I'm Adalyn."

"I know who you are, I knew Jonah."

Jealousy burned in me for a second but vanished as soon as it had come. We were quiet until another explosion went off behind us, detaching our escape pod. It was spinning so quickly I could barely see. I hit my back and yelled in pain. I heard Kiara hit something but I couldn't see. I struggled to grab anything.

We suddenly slammed against the dash. I heard Kiara mutter something under her breath. We were falling at a quick speed.

"Buckle up, now," I said situating myself in the driver's seat as best I could. Kiara did the same. I clicked my belt and quickly let out the small parachute. It jerked us a bit and then we were slowly descending to the surface of the unknown planet.

I hope you don't mind that I made your character ride along with me.

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