Things I Hate and Love about Me

Chapter 1

Hey everyone.

I have no trouble admitting the things that I like about myself.

I hate my mouth because it's shaped weird.

I love my eyes because they're green.

I hate my voice because I talk like a 7-year-old.

I love my eyebrows because they're thick.

I hate my pinkies because they're bent.

I love my eyelashes because they're very long.

I hate my hair because it's always messy.

I love my legs because they are long.

I hate my nose because it's big.

I love my stomach because it's flat.

I hate my butt because it's flat.

I love my cheek because I have a dimple.

I hate my knees because they're square.

I love my cheekbones because people say they look like model's.

I hate my feet because they're too small.

I love my elbows because they are pointy.

I hate my chin because it sticks out.


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