A Supernatural Friendship.

So this is my story for Alexis's story contest, and I hope you enjoy it and please comment and rate! :)

PS: In case you don't understand later on, Sasha's a vampire and Ryan's a werewolf.

Chapter 1


'' Ryan, shut up! '' I whispered to my best friend Ryan Jouc. We were in Star Inc. Theaters, Theater 1, and the movie playing was a horror flick.
Ryan snorted and shoved a handful of extra-buttered jumbo-sized caramel-dipped popcorn into his mouth. I personally did not like caramel, but Ryan paid for half the movie so I figured, why not?
He kept exclaiming on how hot the girls were. It was annoying, and half the theater was shushing him so much I thought they'd have no more spit left in their mouths and they'd dehydrate.
Right now the two teenage girls were walking on the one girl's street, hurrying home and they kept glancing behind them. It was dark and no shadows appeared. None of the houses were lit and you could just make out two small figures moving.
The movie was about the two girls who had been friends for seven years, since they were seven until they were fourteen. But then one of the girls, Myra, had a huge fight with her boyfriend and then he attacked her. That landed him in jail for five years, but Myra hit her head and had a concussion. She had had a partial memory loss, and was trying to recover by bonding even more with her friend, Rachel.
But now the five years had passed, and her boyfriend was free of jail, and had now come out completely messed up and crazed. He was out to get Myra, and her parents, and her crush, and Rachel, and her two brothers and two sisters, and anybody she cared about.
The movie was really interesting, but we weren't here for fun. Because Ryan and I were ''not'' normal teenagers.
Not. At. All.

'' Cool it and just watch. We need some- '' Ryan lowered his eyes and his voice- '' Hints. ''
It was true, because later in the movie you find out that Myra's ex-boyfriend/charged offender/crazed unstable maniac was also now a vampire. It sounded cheesy, but he wasn't the original vampire to just charm girls and then bite their necks and all that. He did drink blood, and he did have supernatural abilities, but also he didn't even bite necks. He just bit anywhere, sometimes shot or stabbed, and then he just drank the blood. It seemed gross, but to me... well let's say I sympathized.
Also garlic and wooden stakes didn't affect him. Neither did holy water. The only thing that could kill him, would be another demon, or strangely, the purest love of all. I had read the spoilers, and in the end Myra's love for her crush, Sean, saves everyone, except the people who died, for instance, Rachel. That got a lot of hate, since most people liked Rachel the best, but alas, most horror movies have the friends and families dying right?

When Ryan had said '' hints, '' he had meant we needed to fit in. Our transformations had happened about six months ago, and we had been on the run, since we were supposed to be dead.
The movie was almost three hours long, and it was quarter to six. I had loved the movie, and now Ryan and I understood more human emotions. We had the humor and anger right, but this helped us with the sadness and fear part.
We took our usual transportation ride, I flied and Ryan ran. I didn't exactly ''fly'', but I soared, basically jumping form tree to tree and occasionally just flew through the air for a bit. The wind gently caressed my face, and I laughed, feeling free. Ryan's gigantic paws hit the ground silently, for only I could hear. His big, round, black eyes lit up excitedly as the wind blew faster and his furry brown body jumped for longer strides.

When we reached our camp spot, he flashed back to his human form and I jumped down from an immense tree. I landed quickly and gracefully and he nodded in approval.
'' We should start taking the bus tomorrow, '' I said.
'' I guess so, as long as your thirst doesn't act up, '' he replied.
'' Come on, that was my first month, give me a break, '' I muttered.
He grinned. '' I am, by not pushing it. ''
'' Oh, you're not? That's pretty shitty. ''
He shrugged. '' Lame, I know. '' He turned away from me and kicked at the dirt. He bent down suddenly, and sniffed it. His features turned grave, and his eyes zoomed away, like he was lost in thought.
'' Ryan? '' I asked, my voice higher than usual. This wasn't good. He had smelled something, maybe the scent of a human. That just couldn't happen. They couldn't see us hunting, or Ryan is his wolf form, or me jumping around. Plus, he had picked up a scent before me!
'' Come on, Ry, don't play with me, '' I pleaded. '' What a hu- ''
'' ''No''. '' His voice terrified me. '' Not a human. '' Then he doubled over, coughing, and spit to the side. He came back up, his nose wrinkled in disgust.
'' No, one of your kind. ''


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