Notes to a Stranger

A few nights ago I made this story. It was called Honesty. It was some load of cocky crap about how I'm good at everything. It didn't bother people on Quibblo, but I came to school this morning and saw the effects. Let's just say I was avoided by my friends for the beginning of the day. I apologized, and now the story is deleted. I figured I'd make up for my idiot rudeness with this. Notes to a Stranger.

Chapter 1

Notes to a Stranger

by: Hyouka
This is a new thing I'm going to start for myself. I hope it will become something that you will want to see everyday in your inbox. I hope people will look forward to seeing it.

Here's what it's all about. Each day I spend a good hour going through random people's pages and seeing their about me's and musing at their cleverness and pictures. I'm actually really really impressed by the people on this website. I've spoken to such nice strangers on here and I've seen brilliant stories, but I never really tell them how I feel about it. So I've decided to start doing so.

Each week periodically, I'm going to find a user to compliment. Maybe they aren't even my friend, maybe I just found them randomly, but I will send them a friend request if I don't know them and I will write a chapter on this to them titled with their username. I will list all the things I love about them and their stories and their profile and I'm going to just let it all out.

Maybe it will be a little bit awkward, but I wanted to make up for all the crap I said in that earlier story. This is meant to make people feel better about themselves and let them know that somebody cares and appreciates what they've done, because I do.

Hope you enjoy! First chapter will be posted sometime tomorrow, probably.

Bye :)


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