Red and White (A Story Based on Harry Potter)

Are you tired of only hearing about Magical Britain? Me too.

Chapter 1

In Which Main Characters are Introduced

Alicia watched the clock tick down to zero. Then it rang.

The sound was grating, tinny, it rang in your ears and tickled your eardrums in such a way that you couldn't help but--" Silencio! "

The muggle-studies teacher looked up sharply. "Miss Peregreen, this sound is what muggles wake up to every morning. I fail to see why you can't listen to it for the sake of this exercise."

"No wonder they're all bonkers," whispered Devin, who sat right behind her. She smirked.

"Sorry, sir."

The professor was wearing a muggle hat -- the kind they wore at graduation -- and he straightened it. "Right. Well, the next unit is going to be techngonoly. It's a poor imitation of magic, but has advanced muggles far beyond their cave-man stages. I believe it was in the sixteenth century that..."

...bam. Just like that, he dove into one of his lectures. Alicia didn't bother taking notes, as she was too tired to listen, let alone process what she was listening to. Too many late nights writing about cure for dragonpox and glow in the dark mice. Why had she taken an extra class this year? Was she stupid? Hadn't her older brother warned her about this?

But something in her couldn't stand not to take every single class she was interested in, aside from the mandatory boring classes.

Alicia stared at the ceiling. It had little scorch-marks on it. Probably from bored seventh-years. Or from an accident. Hogwarts wasn't exactly the safest school in the world, but it was free, since she was a legal resident of Britain.

Devin tapped his fingers on the desk softly. A long tap here, a short tap there. Basically the only interesting thing they'd learned about muggles so far was forms of communcations. Including codes. Naturally, Devin and Alicia had memorized morse code as soon as they heard about it. His tapped out message said:
The thing about morse code was it made you predisposed to use short sentences, so you couldn't carry out very interesting conversations. But remembering all the letters was interesting in itself. Alicia tapped back: Yawn.

This monosyllabic tapping went back and forth for several minutes, until class ended. How did they know class had ended? Well, for one thing, the door opened on its own, and for another, every chair in the room slid backwards several inches of its own accord. Not that anyone noticed this. It was the way every class ended. And if anyone had been paying attention, they would've been horrified to learn that the kind of shrill bell that was on this alarm clock was often used to end class in muggle schools.

Alicia magicked all her things into her bag, throwing Devin a friendly smile. She turned toward Lana, who was too far away to communicate with during class. "I'm gonna buy you a muggle clock for your birthday, Lan. You need one."

Lana laughed. "There's probably a spell for waking up on time, y'know. I just haven't bothered learning it."

Alicia screwed up her face to make it look as old and wrinkled as possible, and in an imitation of the muggle-studies professor's voice, said, "No, you must appreciate the ingenuity of muggles, Lana! You must appreciate the simplicity, and the beautiful stupidity-"

Lana snorted so loudly that she looked like she was about to sneeze. "Let's buy Professor Ramsey a muggle clock for his birthday. Then he can fully appreciate muggle 'techa--' what was that word..."


"Yeah," Lana said as they turned the corner. "The jelly of-"

Everything was enveloped in a black cloak. It took a moment for Alicia to realize she'd merely bumped into someone. Then she pulled back, and--


The witch's robes were uncharicteristically black. Usually she wore more traditional robes, with woven patterns in green and yellow. Her hat was also too floppy, like she hadn't starched it to a tall point in a while.

Alicia glanced at Lana, who looked uncomfortable. "Um, see you later..."

Alicia nodded. "See you." Then she looked her mother in the eyes.

"There you are," her mum said, voice sounding off. Hoarse, maybe. Her pupils were dilated. The brown eyes, the eyes so brown they looked black, and her defiant chin.

"What're you doing here?" Alicia asked mildly, feeling the air churn as witches and wizards hurried around her like a school of fish.

"There's something... important. You're- You're taking a break. Just for a few days. I'll tell you when we get home."

Home?? Why? Alicia knew from the look on her mum's face that arguing wouldn't work.

"The headmaster permitted apparating out of Hogwarts for twenty minutes." Mum held out her hand, and Alicia took it unquestioningly, although she had many questions.

In a sick, gut-jerking motion, they vanished.

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