They vowed to be friends forever. But can they keep the promise?

Chapter 1


Faith walked into class a few minutes late. Everyone looked at her like she had just killed five people. Everyone except Abby. She patted the empty seat next to her. Faith smiled and sat down. The teacher continued talking.

Faith whispered to Abby. "Do we have choir today?" Abby nodded. "Yeah. Why, did you tell your parents?" Faith shook her head. Abby quietly reached down her boot and pulled out a dark blue cell dotted with sequins. She gave it to Faith. Abby looked up at the teacher. She tapped Faith and put a finger to her lips then pointed to the teacher. "Watch this." She whispered.

The teacher, Miss Rudy, was giving a lecture. She got one tube full of brown liquid and another full of purple. "Now, if you pour this into the acid..." Her voice drifted off. She dipped the purple liquid into the brown. After a few seconds, she dropped the tube in fright. There was a puff of smoke, nearly filling the whole room, and then it started to ooze brown foam. Faith looked over at Abby. She had a sly smile. A smile so small only best friends could see it.

Of course this was the work of Abby. She was usually known for her pranks. A wave of laughs fell through the room. Miss Rudy, who had fallen behind her desk, now stood up. She was laughing. Her brown hair was in a tangle and she had a small drop of foam on her cheek. When Miss Rudy laughed, that was never good. She continued to laugh and then suddenly stopped.

"I will find whoever did this." She said, shaking her finger at us all. She continued with the lecture of guilt until the 2nd period bell rang. "And you will pay!" Miss Rudy said very loudly. Abby exhaled and dramatically wiped her hand across her forehead. "Glad that's over. I thought I had it written on my face." She laughed.

A boy about Abby's age walked up. He punched Abby playfully in the shoulder. "Nice. What'd you do to it?" He said. Abby punched him back. "I was looking up what ginger ale had in it. Turns out it does that when mixed with purple food dye and acid." She smiled. He also smiled. Faith smiled for no reason. They were all smiling.

The boy stopped at a locker and waved to Abby. Faith didn't recognize the boy. "Who's that?" She asked. Abby shrugged. "Oscar. He has a huge crush on me. I'm talking major." Well, that was Abby for you. She thought that every guy liked her. She checked her watch. "Oh, shoot!" She grabbed Faith's arm and ran to their locker. "Faith, we've got to get our journals." Abby said hurriedly. She flashed her watch at Faith. 12:30.

"Oh, shoot!" Faith repeated Abby. Their next period was with Mr. Burkley, the meanest teacher in the school. His class was all the way on the other side of the school. Faith still had to make her call, Abby was missing her PLANTS book, and they only had five minutes to get to Mr. Burkley's class. Faith saw Abby struggling and poked in her backpack. She handed Abby her extra PLANTS book and started to dial. Abby stuffed the book in her bag and zipped it up. She slammed the locker shut and ran.

Faith ran with her, still dialing. She put the phone to her ear. "Hi, mom!" She said, sounding barely out of breath. Abby heard the gap. "I'm great! Listen, I have choir today so you need to pick me up at 4:45 today, not 2:30." Another gap. "Alright, thanks! Bye." She slapped the cover on the phone and collapsed. Abby glanced at her watch. "12:33!" She shouted. Faith tried to get up. She managed without dying and started to half run-half limp.

Abby sighed. At this rate, they were never gonna get there. She looked at her watch again. Only 20 seconds until 12:35. She was determined. "Faith, get up." Before Faith could answer, Abby picked her up on her shoulders. "We're getting there." She said. She ran as fast as she could without toppling from the weight of the 13-year-old on her back. She was in sight of the room. She sped up.

DING! The bell rang. Abby bolted through the doors. Everybody stared. Especially Mr. Burkley. "Sorry we're late." Faith gasped. Everyone's stares turned to laughs and smiles. Except for Mr. Burkley's. "Take a seat girls, you're right on time." He said. Abby dropped Faith in her seat and sat in the one next to it.

For the whole class, everybody was whispering about what had happened when the bell rang. "Did you see her hair?" Abby heard one say. "Why didn't Mr. Burkley yell at them?" Faith heard another one say. This happened the whole class. The girls couldn't pay attention. When Mr. Burkley dismissed them, it was the girl's lunch period. Faith walked out still sort of tired. "Why cant Ms. Grades just, like, cancel choir?" She said, slumped over. Abby yawned. "Right!?" She said. "At least I got a nap during class." The girls walked down the hallway, looking forward to lunch. They always walked down to Subway. They always got the same thing. It was always that way.

Abby looked at her watch. "Um, Faith." She poked Faith, still looking at the watch. Faith looked at it, too. "1:30." Faith said. They both smiled. They had an extra ten minutes! Faith plopped down on one of the comfy couches laying by the walls. Abby plopped herself down, too. They relaxed for a bit. "Oh, here you go." Faith handed Abby her phone back. "Thanks." Abby took it and slid it down her boot. They both sat until the actual bell rang. Then they ran to Subway. Sitting down on that couch together was wonderful. And they never wanted it to end.

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