I Saw Ed Sheeran Live I'm So Happy :(((

I LIVE IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY I'VE BEEN PRAYING THAT HE WOULD COME TO MY COUNTRY WHEN I'M FIFTEEN AND MORE INDEPENDENT TO GO TO A CONCERT ALONE BUT WTH this happened in march 6 so the excitement kind of died down a little i just miss my old friend quibblo lol but not really

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AFTER ONE DAY OF SELLING HIS CONCERT TICKETS IT JUST.... SOLD OUT??? I almost didn't get one because my brother wanted to leave the line (I was at school HA) and he had to go to work but :(((( The VIP and Patron sold out before he was up so I only got Lower Box A but whatever I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL and i've been saving up for this and it made me sad that I didn't get to see him up close but also it was expensive as hell and the stadium was kind of small so it's fine but my eyesight is becoming bad so everything was still blurry i'm still bummed i didn't see every detail of the night. HAHAHAHAHA. But still it was awesome. Non-Alice era songs were bizzare though.

I just remembered my Sheerio (...) friend in Quibblo and Kelly, riGHT? Friend, where u at :(( i just wanted to say that I still remember you liked 'Be Like You' so much and you probably saw him live already since he's toured your country all over and I'm jealous of that but I sure do hope you are content and not sad wherever you are and that I know asking you to be happy is a little too much. I loved you once and I clung to you and I know you can do it, Kelly. I'm not even faintly sure that's the spelling of your name anymore since I had a classmate with that name just the last school year, but I do know that Quibblo brought us together. And the others HAHAHA double d i think okay bye friends i wish you the very best kelly (no one probably remembers me at this point but i still love you all)

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