There was always something mysterious about Marlee. The way she could make any guy fall for her, the way her long side-swept bangs covered her left eye, just her nature overall. And Em's about to find out that Marlee isn't just some girl with a pretty face. She has some dark secrets.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I walked into class and took my seat. It was the last ten minutes of class that we could do whatever we felt like. Most everyone was there already, except for one person. My thoughts were interrupted by a couple of boys sitting behind me. I turned around.

One short boy with black hair was pushing around a tall boy with brown hair. I quickly reacted. "Stop it." They turned around and I could see who the boys were. It was Jay and Logan from the basketball team. "Oh, sorry. It's you guys." Jay smiled and took my hands. I stood up and he spun me around. I laughed. "You're in a good mood." I smiled.

He nodded. "Yeah. Tonight is the game, remember?" I gasped. "Oh shoot, I forgot completely!" I started breathing heavily and my eyes got wide. Jay took my arms, which moved a lot when I was worried, and pressed them against my sides. "Breath." He said. "I can help you during our lunch period, alright? It's in..." He looked at his watch. "Three minutes, okay?" I was totally freaked out but I nodded and took a deep breath.

Then, a girl walked in. She was tall and older than me. Her hair was midnight black and her eyes were daylight blue. She was really pretty. Jay gave her a glance. I glared at him and cleared my throat. He looked back at me. "Hey, you alright?" I nodded and yawned. I stretched my arms over my head and my legs on either side of Jay. He looked at the girl again. I rolled my eyes. My legs crossed up on my desk and my hands laid flat. Jay looked at me.

I took a sip of my iced tea, not that it helped the heat. It was Miami in the middle of the Summer. The bell rang. Jay smiled. "C'mon." I grabbed my backpack and my iced tea. He put his hand around my neck and we walked out the door. Then, I felt something cold and hard grab my arm. I turned. The pretty girl that Jay was staring at looked at me with her bright blue eyes. They were almost stone cold, except for the tiniest trace of fear.

"Hey." She said in her beautifully mellow voice. Her mouth was a pale pink line. "Hey." I hesitated. She let go. I walked off. Jay looked back at me. "Do you know her?" He asked. I shook my head. We walked out to the court. I pointed at a table and we sat down. Jay slung his backpack on the clean plastic table and pulled out a plastic bag. He opened it and dumped the contents on the table. There was an energy drink, a big BLT with mayo, a small bag of chips, and a brownie. I got a basketball lunchbox from my backpack and dumped out the contents. There was a small water bottle and a big Lunchable.

Jay stuffed a handful of chips in his mouth and nudged me. "Let's do this. I'll be the sea cows." I shook his hand. "You're on." I took a big sip of water and got the ball from my backpack. I tossed it to him. We got on the court. We played a few games. After that, I got pretty good and beat him. Six to three. He was panting. "Nice, you're definitely gonna win." I playfully punched his arm. "No, we are." He smiled. "Yeah, we are."

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