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Chapter 2

Spanish ABC Repost

Original content by kalamata

A- Amor
Who do you love most in your life right now? What type of love is it? My friends. Like, friend-love.

Who's the prettiest female celebrity to you? What's her prettiest feature?
Hmm. I guess Nicki Minaj (don't judge me). I'm not sure about a feature. She has a lovely face and a beautiful body.

What's your face shape? What's your most outstanding feature on your face?
Round. And I'm not sure

What has been your most painful experience? Compared to another type of pain you've also went through, why was this kind worse than the other?
I'd rather not say

Which emotion you've felt has given you the best feeling? Was there an experience linked to feeling that way?
Relief. Just having that weight off of your shoulders is so liberating. It's just something that I've felt a lot of times in my life.

What do you desire most for yourself in the future? From the way things are going now, what do you see for yourself ahead?
I want to be happy. I want to enjoy my life and have a decent paying career that I enjoy. I also plan on getting married.

What was the last thing you've won at? What was the final step or move?
I don't remember

What are you craving to eat? What's a drink that would go along with it?
Ice cream. No beverage

What's the most self-reliant thing you've done? Were you afraid to do it?
I don't remember. I was probably extremely afraid.

What's your favorite game to play? What was a childhood game you remember liking?
I'm not sure. During my childhood I played a lot of make believe games. I also liked board games and card games.

What causes you to tear up? Are you a frequent crier?
I'm going to start with the second one. I am an extremely frequent crier. It is not hard at all to get me to cry. And I've discovered that young death is one of my triggers for crying. Death in general, really, but it's young death especially. I probably have some others, but that's just one that I thought of.

What's your relationship with your mom like? What's the ideal mom like?
I have a pretty good relationship with my mom. At this point, I really don't focus on the "ideal mom." My mom's not perfect, but I still love her.

With regards to your interests and opinions, how are you relatively normal? What is something about you that you have in common with the average joe?
I think so.

What's your eye color? Do you have a favorite eye color?
I have brown eyes. I like all eye colors, but my favorite has to be green. I absolutely adore green eyes.

What's your relationship with your dad like? What's the ideal dad like?
Again, I have a pretty good relationship with him and don't really focus on what ideal parents are like.

Looking back on your days, how much of it, approximately, is spent in silence? Are you more quiet or talkative?
Not much. I talk a lot. When I'm at home I'm much more quiet, though.

What do you think is your position in your family? What responsibilities go along with that position?
I don't know.

What are you doing to pursue a healthy life? (could be physical health or mental or emotional, spiritual, etc) Are you unbalanced as of now?
Not enough. I'm pretty unbalanced.

What makes you afraid? Have you been able to conquer a fear?
Death is my biggest fear. I am scared of facing oblivion and have not conquered this fear.

Do you have a school uniform? What's it look like and is it comfortable?
Yes. It's pretty average and pretty comfortable.

What are your standards for worth when it comes to people? What is something that would make someone unworthy of your time?
Whether or not someone is generally kind is a big one. Also, if they're not willing to open their minds to new ideas, then that's something that makes me respect them much less.

What's your favorite yogurt flavor? Do you like froyo?
Cookies and cream. It depends. Some froyo is good and some isn't.

What shoes are you wearing right now? What's your favorite pair look like?
I'm barefoot. My favorite pair are open toed and have a bit of a wedge heel. They're danskos.

Extra letters: K, W, X. Choose a word (any language) that starts with each letter, write your own question that has to do with the word, and answer it.

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