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Uh-huh. Yes. I admit it. I'm actually doing this. I found some cool reposts here:

Which gave me the idea. Check out that link if you haven't already, by the way!

The things added in parenthesis are just little messages from me, so you can take them out when reposting.

Chapter 1

Quibblo Stereotypes Repost

Please read the introduction!

Original content by kalamata

Place an X in the brackets of the sentence that applies.

The Random Unicorn

[] You themed your profile in very vivid, bright colors.
[] You type "hey" like "heeyyy"
[x] Unicorns are awesome to you.
[x] You're 13 or younger.
[] You make at least ten quizzes a day.
[] Your username has either the word "sparkle," "candy," or many numbers in it.
[] One of your Quibblo besties hacked your account and wrote your about me for you before.
[x] You support Larry. (Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson)
Total: 3

The Gloom Rat

[x] You have themed your profile in very dark colors before.
[x] Your About Me is very short and non-descriptive.
[] You've made a quiz about suicide.
[x] You write poems on this site.
[/] To you, your life sucks.
[] You rarely use smiley faces.
[x] You frequently end your sentences with an ellipsis. (...)
[] Your profile picture is an anime character.
Total: 4.5

The Sweet Sunflower

[x] Anti-bullying awareness is very important to you.
[x] You love giving shout-outs.
[] Your About Me often recommends your amazing top friends.
[] You love participating in contests and group stories.
[x] You're very quick to defend your friends in the face of something mean, rude or critical.
[x] You leave nice comments on quizzes you take.
[] Your About Me takes up almost all the characters allowed.
[x] You use smiley faces frequently.
Total: 5

The Lone Raven

[x] You have a small circle of close friends.
[x] You identify as panse­xual. (I identify as a panromantic homosexual, but I'll count it)
[x] You've stated that you have a certain specific phobia or disorder.
[x] You enjoy things commonly considered dark.
[x] Your religion is often misunderstood.
[] You're intimidating.
[x] You've put quotes from a literature piece, song lyrics, or idol you admire in your About Me.
[x] You're blunt.
Total: 7

The Witty Chipper

[] Your vocabulary and grammar are quite excellent.
[x] You've said "Indeed" instead of "yes."
[] You're obsessed with a book series, movie series, or some other vocabulary related entertainment.
[] When describing yourself, you self-discriminate, often humorously.
[x] Your messages to people are often very long.
[x] You are a story writer.
[] Your top friends are uncannily similar to you.
[] You're of high school or college age. (even older)
Total: 3

The Drama Llama (I haven't even read the things yet, but this is probably me)

[x] You make rants.
[] You are trying to get a spot on Quibblo's top friends.
[] You've made some content with the title "GUESS WHAT????" or "OMG!!!!!!!!!"
[] You always have a friend to recommend to others.
[x] You have 100 or more friends.
[] People rarely friend you; you friend them first.
[] You've made the "Girls Only, no Boys Allowed" quiz.
[x] Your real BFF is on Quibblo together with you. (Well, my friends irl hardly come on here anymore)
Total: 3

The One Blowin' in the Wind

[x] You've so far X'd maybe a couple from each category above.
[x] You have no idea what anyone's talking about when they say stuff like "Quibblo War No. 3"
[] You don't really talk to anyone here.
[x] Most of your friends are inactive.
[] You take frequent vacations from the site.
[x] Your quizzes don't get very many views.
[] You delete half or more of the stuff people send you.
[] You actually have a life.
Total: 4

Guess that I'm a Lone Raven!

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