Ready To Run.....(One Direction FanFic)

Just want to get back into writing, so, here is my One Direction FanFic

Chapter 1


I'll see you soon.

I spoke those exact same words a year ago, to the only boy I ever truly loved, Liam Payne. Being the dumb girl that I am, I believed in those words, but I didn't know that time was of the essence.

I was barely starting my career, auditioning for a girl group, and he was already in his, being in the world's biggest boyband. I got into the girl group, Echo, and we went to win a competition, giving us a record deal. This only dug a bigger wedge between us.

He had his interviews, I had mine. He had his concerts, I had mine. He was on tour with his band, and the new country slash pop girl singer, Melody, while I was on tour with another boyband, 5 Seconds Of Summer. He had priorities, and I guess I wasn't one of them. I tried calling him, but most of the time he was busy, and if he wasn't I was. It got to the point that when they asked our groups who was single we didn't even know if we should raise our hands.

Then it happened, in the rare rainy August night. I was watching one of their interview, which happened to be live, with Michael from 5sos . They asked who was taken, and rose his hand. A smile had appeared on my face, as soon as his went up. We hadn't talked in two weeks, but he rose his hand with a smile as well.

"So, you and Naomi still going strong?" the interviewer asked him, making me smile even bigger.

"Uh, actually, no, I'm actually, now, dating Melody," his response broke me. That night I went to sleep crying in Michael's arms. The next day I skipped the concert, I couldn't find the strength to get out of bed.

The next few weeks were hell, I had to see them on magazines, Twitter, and they seemed to be on every corner I went to. I kept being asked how it all happened, and I would stay quiet. My girls always had my back, telling them that the topic of Liam and I was off limits.

Michael and I got closer and closer, and right after I decided that they was no point in mopping around for a guy who obviously didn't care about me, Michael and I started dating.

Now, it's been about year since the whole thing happened, the girls and I are going on tour again, and with none other than Simon's other group, One Direction

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