A Godly World

Scarlett, Atarla, Sole, Christopher, Renee, Lucy, and Em. The Quarter-Gods.

Sole's named is pronounced like the French word for sun. Thank you:)

Chapter 1

School for The Quarter-Gods

Scarlett and Em
Scarlett was probably the most upset of having to go to school for the first time. Her mother had told her that she was just getting her powers, being almost 16 years of age. She had never had a power so she was very excited. She wondered what it would be. She was also very scared about her little sister, Em, getting a power. It was a scary experience and she hoped Em wouldn't freak out. Scarlett had never really been happy about her sister. They were almost exactly alike but, yet, Em was the more "adorable" one. Though she acted like she didn't like her, the truth was Scarlett would risk her life for her. Their beautiful mother slapped a backpack on both of their backs and kissed them goodbye. "Alright," Said the most beautiful voice ever. The girls had lived with her for 15 years and her voice still sent chills down their spines. "It's time to go now. Have fun." Scarlett rolled her eyes and gave her mom a hug. "Thanks." She said stubbornly. Em ran to their beautiful mother and gave her a hug. Then she ran to the picture of her father and kissed it. "Bye, dad." She said solemnly. Then she grabbed Scarlett's hand and they were on the ground. They both saw before them a dirty building. It was giant, made of browning bricks. There were big windows, most of them dirty. There were small blue doors that were very narrow. The front wall was the only thing that looked clean. There was a big blue banner draped across it with huge yellow words saying Powers High School. Below that, it said Welcome, new students and welcome the old! Scarlett sighed. "C'mon, Em. We've got to discover our powers." She paused. "And be normal people for once." Em nodded and walked with Scarlett silently to the doors. She inhaled sharply and walked past the doors of Powers High.

Chris and Renee
The light showing through the trees was almost nonexistent. Christopher was out racing with Weary, his mother's wolf. One again, it was a tie. Chris smiled his big, white smile. "Nice." He said. Weary smiled and rubbed his head against Chris's. "You're nuts talking to that dog!" His big sister, Renee, called from her treetop. Chris looked up. Renee was smiling her big, sharp smile. She hopped down, which was so high it could've broken her ankle. Chris's mother came over with two backpacks. She put them in her children's hands. "Now," She said with a beautiful voice. "Go say bye to your dad." Chris ran with Renee to the beautiful sea only a mile away from their house. Renee's snake, Aly, crawled up her side and curled around her arm. Chris bent over the water and said, "Dad, we're going." The surface bubbled and a flash of gold appeared in the water. A tall, muscly man emerged from the water. He had a huge golden crown of shells on his head. "Now, remember. You're normal humans. Okay? Not my children." His voice boomed and sent ripples through the water. He smiled. "Now, go. And have fun." His soaking arms wrapped around his kids and hugged them. "Bye, dad." They both said. And they ran to the big brick building. They were still sort of wet from their dad's hug. "Chris, remember, you need to figure out your power." Renee nudged him. Aly slithered into her pocket, head hanging out. Renee hissed, her hair turning into tiny snakes. She spit and inch away from Chris's right foot. It melted the green grass into grey ashes. He stumbled back in fright. Renee laughed and her hair turned back to the beautiful brown it always was. "Gets you every time." Chris narrowed his eyes. "Stop flaunting, alright?" Renee tousled his hair. "Come on." She said. And they walked into the school.

Atarla and Lucy
Atarla was trying to get her little Yorkie off her head. "C'mon!" She said. She fell back and the Yorkie ran off. She ran after him and stopped at her mother's feet. "Atarla," She said softly. "No running, remember?" She turned around and whistled. Atarla's tiny dog raced to her side. Her mother smiled. "You should really get an owl, dear." She set a backpack down in front of Atarla. "Put this on. Today's the day you go to school." She swung the backpack over her shoulders. She didn't really want to. She preferred to remain a Quarter-God and act like it. But, she couldn't complain. She was awaiting her power. Her mother had told her that when she was around this age, Atarla would get a power. Would it have something to do with the sun? Music? It was agony to wait for her power. "Lucy?" Atarla's mother called. A young girl, Lucy, ran from her room. "Yes?" The great goddess of wisdom gave Lucy a backpack. "First day of school, dear." Lucy nodded. She bent down. "Hi, Atarla. Are you ready?" Atarla nodded. Lucy smiled and pet the tiny Yorkie. Atarla picked him up and put him in her pocket, just his head hanging out barley above the top. It was hard having a full-grown great owl around the house and a tiny dog that could easily be mistaken for a mouse. But, there had not been any accidents yet. Atarla held Lucy's hand. "It'll be alright." She said. Lucy sighed, but nodded. They stepped out from the castle. "Bye dad!" Atarla said, and waved at the sky. Lucy did not do the same thing. In an instant, they were transported to the school gates. They glanced at the school and wanted to turn back. But, they couldn't. If they ever wanted to become full goddesses, they would have to be here. They both took a deep breath and walked up to the school, and in through the doors.

Sole turned on her side and her cute little red baby dragon, the size of a toddler, was smiling. She was filled with pure joy. Then, a tall, muscly figure walked into the room. His voice boomed, his hair bobbed, his feet stomped. "Sole." The poor baby dragon buried his head in Sole's shirt. "Yes, father?" She asked. The man, her father, zapped a backpack onto her shoulders suddenly. "You go to school today. Have fun, and be careful." Sole smiled a big, beaming smile. She had completely forgotten! She would meet other kids today, and not just Quarter-Gods! She would also be getting her power soon, being recently 16 years old. "Alright dad, I will!" She said, cheerily. She rushed out the door after giving her dad a hug. She skipped all the way to the school. The last 10-20 people were outside. "Oop, better hurry!" She was so excited that she didn't see how dirty it was on the outside. She ran inside, and it took her breath away.

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