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For my writers, you will do the same.questions as me you choose if you want you and your character to speak or not.

Chapter 4

Me and Birch

evybye77: What is your favorite movie?

Me: I'd have to say Me Before You at the moment, very lovable characters and a quite bitterly realistic ending.

Birch: I like anime.

Me: He's a furry.

Birch: blushes I'm not.

Me: mouths He's a furry.

Classic_: Do you love me?

Me: ...I love the song Classic. ...

Birch: Love is irrelevant.

Me: But you love Spade.

Birch: splutters I refuse to love someone who doesn't love me.

Classic_: Wanna have babies?

Me: Yeah, like two. Preferably a boy and girl. I'll have little mes to dress up how I want.

Birch: gets a dreamy look in his eyes Maybe one day...

Me: With who, Birch? smirks

Birch: eyes me suspiciously Not a word.

Classic_: Do you know how babies are made?

Me: Yes. Yes I do indeed.

Birch: smirks I think about how babies are made all the time.

Me: You're a pervert.

Birch: Tell me something I don't know and love about myself.

Classic_: Do you go to school?

Me: Nope. High school dropout.

Birch: You liar.

Me: Yeah, I go to school.

Birch: Never went. I taught myself to read.

Me: ...No you didn't. You can't do that.

Birch: You think you're so clever.

Me: I do.

Classic_: How's school?

Me: What do expect? It's school.

Birch: I hate the school question. We should talk about my latest robbery.

Classic_: Are you bullied at school?

Me: Nope. Good thing.

Birch: These questions are boring.

Classic_: Do you go on your phone during school?

Me: I mean if I already know what's happening in class, yeah.

Birch: I don't have a phone. I have a Gameboy. ...Where is that?

Classic_: What games do you play?

Me: League of Legends, and like XBOX-360 games. I must update my console. Sports games and Tomb Raider and Far Cry and Grand Theft Auto. Blah blah.

Birch: ...I had a Gameboy once... where the hell is that damn thing?

Me: You gave it to Spade.

Birch: fumes She seduced me!

Me: No she didn't. You're just gullible.

Wastseygirl: Do you like 5 Second's of Summer?

Me: Wasn't that band popular like two years ago? Never listened to them.

Birch: I listen to classy music. What is 5 seconds of summer?

Me: Young boy band. Popular with the teenage girls. They're called 5sos or something.

Birch: 5 sauce? You know McDonald's only gives you one damn sauce. Cheap bastards. I robbed them once....

I think I got assigned this like a year ago...oops. Better late than never.

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