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For my writers, you will do the same.questions as me you choose if you want you and your character to speak or not.

Chapter 2

Me and Alex

by: Luxray100
evybye77: What is your favorite movie?

Me: Uh… Don’t know.
Alex: I don’t remember. Haven’t watched a movie in a long time.

Classic_ : Do you love me?

Me: Uh… love does not compute.
Alex: … feels Junes glare Sorry, nope.

Classic_: Wanna have babies?

Me: No.
Alex: How does that even happen?

Classic_: Do you know how babies are made?

Me: Unfortunatly yes.
Alex: No

Classic_:Do you go to school?

Me: Its my last year… I'm OLD! DX
Alex: I used to.

Classic_:How's school?

Me: Busy.
Alex: Wasn’t fun.

Classic_: Are you bullied at school?

Me: Yes
Alex: Half-breed in a elementary school full of prejudists. What do you think?

Classic_:Do you go one your phone during school?

Me: No. I hardly use it anyway.
Alex: I don’t have a phone or go to school.

Classic_:What games do you play?

Me: Video games. Any video games.
Alex: Does chasing animals count?

Watseygirl:Do you like 5 second's of Summer?

Me: Who?
Alex: What?

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