Kill Kill Kill

So yeah.

Chapter 1


There is this girl who lies alone in the darkness
trying to feel but realizing she can't
for everything has been washed from her thoughts
which now only chant,

"Kill Kill Kill her heart
drown drown drown her soul
break break break her mind
and push her down the final hole.

kill kill kill her spirit
Drown Drown Drown all her hope
break break break her love
and don't forget to hang the pieces from the rope.

kill kill kill what's remaining
drown drown drown all the dust
Break Break Break any memories
and clean the blood if you must."

These words written above leave nothing left
except for a last piece to her story
that isn't a Happily Ever After
but one that's instead gory.

And their words in her mind just wash her away
while cutting open all the wounds that eventually began to heal
so that she can bleed to death internally
and slowly forget how to feel.

And when that becomes a fact, the chant will murder her
which is irony to say the least
because the final words in her head will be,
"Kill Kill Kill that girl who's nothing more than a beast."


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