Dear Quibblo - a letter from Hayley

Chapter 1

Dear Quibblo...

Dear Quibblo...

Things on Quibblo have changed.

When I first joined Quibblo, I thought it was just another website where you could make quizzes - that was all. To be very honest with you, I only made an account because I had to complete a poll for a school project. I made an account for the sole purpose, then neglected it for months before one day, I somehow remembered it again, and logged on... because I was very bored.

Then, all of a sudden... I realized that Quibblo wasn't the boring quiz website I had thought it would be. It's full of the most amazing people I've ever met. The stories and quizzes are absolutely wonderful, the interactions are great, and I met the most friendliest people ever on here, and made some very close friends.

Quibblo, for me, was my lifeline. I couldn't get through a day without coming on here and making quizzes and stories, chatting with my good friends, and reading other people's stories and taking their quizzes. We were more than just people using a website. We were more than just a community. It felt like we were a family. I'm not sure whether or not people who haven't used Quibblo will be able to understand the close bond that I am feeling towards all of you. When real life got hard, Quibblo was always my escape, my slice of heaven that I wasn't afraid to share with everyone. Because I loved Quibblo. I loved it more than anything.

Group stories, quizzes, Fanfiction... they were my world. My every dream. My friends were just amazing. They weren't judgemental, or mean, or rude... they were perfect. Just perfect. And before I became a Quibbonian, I didn't even know that such people existed. I honestly didn't. And now, Quibblo brought all that to me. Quibblo introduced me to a whole new world. A whole new horizon. And I still can't express how thankful I am to Quibblo, even until this very day.

Because of issues in life, I was forced to leave Quibblo for two months. And when I came back... everything changed.

You have no idea how much pain I was in to see my favourite online community, my home, falling into ashes. As I watch the number of my friends fall quickly from 500 to 460, and the number of invites in my inbox decrease slower and slower every day, I knew that Quibblo would never be the same again. The featured member began to be selected randomly. The quizzes and stories that I lvoed are dying out and becoming extinct. The story and quiz contests disappeared. And Quibblo... Quibblo has gone. Left. Abandoned us on our own.


Quibblo, why did you have to do this to us? To all of us? To all of us dedicated Quibblonians who truly care about and love our community?

Why did you have to do this to us, when Quibblo was our home? Our family?

It hurts to admit this, but sometimes I feel myself being isolated further and further from Quibblo every day. And I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling that way. Quibblo... has turned into a whole different person. The old Quibblo cared about us. He loved us. Like his very own family. The new Quibblo didn't.

The new Quibblo is... different.

Quibblo, please. Please don't do this to us. It's painful. It hurts, okay? It hurts! Don't you understand? Quibblo is dying. Dying! And we need you to help us resurrect again! People are leaving every day. The amazing community that I first joined, is now turning into nothingness. Maybe you don't care, but I do! We all do! It hurts me more than anything else to see my beloved home slowly fall apart like this. It hurts! It really does! Quibblo, this isn't a rant, but more like a plea. A plea for the real Quibblo to stand up, and save us from this disaster.

The reason why I don't come on Quibblo as much now, is because something in Quibblo changed. The environment became... distant. Strange. Almost unfriendly. Hostile. It made me feel as if I didn't belong here anymore. That I wasn't welcome. And I'm certain that I'm not the only person feeling this way, as I have said before.

Some days when I log onto Quibblo and see the familiar Quibblo logo, I feel a bump in my heart, and honestly I just want to cry. To cry for the fallen Quibblonians who could no longer bear to see Quibblo this way. To cry for the quality quizzes and stories which I have enjoyed to my maximum. To cry for this beautiful, heartwarming home, now reduced to nothing.

To cry for you, Quibblo. Who has left us.


Without us.

Quibblo, it hurts. I hope you understand how we are feeling right now. No, actually, you don't. Because if you did, you would have done something about this now. You may see Quibblo as merely a business, but we see it as... everything.

Please, Quibblo. I can't bear this anymore. I am leaving.

I'm sorry. But Quibblo, you've changed.

Yours sincerely,


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