Henry & the MONSTER Within

Henry & the MONSTER Within

Henry Haunt lives in a quiet village where everything seems good, except for him. Henry is the villages' worst nightmare: spray painting buildings, being mad and being alive.
Henrys' smile sends anyone to the other side of the road as he passes, his laugh chills even the hardest heart with fear, and his eyes know too much that they all want to hide.
Abigail North, daughter of the Mayor, knows something is wrong, but how can she find out? Speak with the Monster within.

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
The street feel silent as a young boy walked down the road, his smile twisted with malice. Babies & young children cried as he drew near, their parents rushing them away. Everything who had to stay stayed as far away from the boys' way as they could, wanting to trouble from him.


Henry Haunt, as the boy was named at birth, had once been 'normal'. He was 10 years old, average at school, had friends to talk with & smiled sweetly. Home life was rough, his father drunk & always raging, while his mother was less caring then a normal mother.
This never bothered him.
One day, that all went away with sanity & innocence, as well as the towns' honesty.


The day, Saturday, was crisp with Spring, birds singing, the river bubbling away & everyone cheery. Henry was walking down a street he'd never walked before, a path on the richer side of the village. The houses were much bigger than his, towering like the trees by the river, & neatly set out with chairs or gardens. One beautiful house he passed made him stop & return to stare.
Sitting under a tree in the front yard was a girl his age. She had curly mouse-brown hair in twin ponytails over her shoulders, her eyes blue like the sky, but better. She was even reading a book he liked: Sleeping Beauty.

"Hello" he spoke, cheerily. "I like your house!"
"Thank you" The girl looked at him with a smile that knocked him from his feet. "My name's Abigail, but I like Abi better."
"Henry. Is that Sleeping Beauty?"
She nodded & patted the ground beside her. "We can read it together!"

Henry bounded over & sat beside her. Though, he was meant to read, he was distracted by her kindness & prettiness. Abigail North, daughter to the village mayor, was just perfect. They read the entire book, before chatting about everything they knew.
School, parents, houses, the river, rain, sun... everything!
It grew to be lunchtime before they were disturbed from their chattering by the mayor. The mayor was super fit, a sport & fitness nut, with eyes the colour of grass & hair neatly combed, the identical colour of his daughters, but his mood was sour towards Henry.
Like most people, they had a sour taste around Henry.
No one knows why that is.

"What are you doing?!" the mayors' voice boomed.

Henry bolted in fright down the street. He didn't look back until he was in his room, closing the door. Henry crawled under his bed & slowed his heartbeat down, easing his ragged breaths back to normal. Once he felt safe & okay, he crawled out & wrote a letter addressed to Abigail.

Dear Abigail
Sorry I ran away. I'm very jumpy. Mama says I am and dada too.
I think you're very pretty.

From Henry

With satisfaction, he folded the letter into an envelop & got ready to give it to Abigail tomorrow. Or maybe on Monday, yeah, at school, so then her father wouldn't be there to yell at him!

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