That Awkward Moment...

So I did this on my old account and I was going through stuff cause I was bored and I found it and I was like why not? So I'm continuing here.

Here's the link to the original, also:

Oh and the first few chapters are going to be copied and pasted directly. I may a add the other stories from the original, but idk yet...

Chapter 2

Set 2, I Suppose

by: QueenLila
So I know this has mainly been about play, but that ended like months ago, so I'll do this instead, because it fits under the category :D Also, something in my room smells incredibly good and I don't know what it is....

That awkward moment when you friend is calling their friend a he when she is physically a girl and your like "um that's a boy" and then they're like, "no, I identify as male" and your just like O.O

That awkward moment when you shine your flashlight on two people making out.

That awkward moment when you start crying because your leaving and you hug your friend and they don't know why your crying and don't say good bye to you properly because you can't explain sh♥t when you're crying

That awkward moment at a dance when you realize a guy friend is only dancing with you because your wearing a low cut shirt (facepalm)

That awkward moment when you walk into a one day

That awkward moment when you realize that your a total hypocrite,but only realize it because a 9 year old pointed it out.

That awkward moment when you choke on a carrot.

That awkward moment when your friend is talking about your (old) crush (who may or may not be her friend) and says that she and him went to the beach and he "actually has abs now" and you blush (thank God it was dark or I'd be getting grief about that for the rest of my life)

That awkward moment when you can't figure out group messages at all.

That awkward moment when you are talking to a self proclaimed Australian and when someone else asks if he has a British accent, you say "no it's Australian" and then the Australian goes "no it's British" and your like O.O (its been months and I'm still confused about this)

That awkward moment when you forget your best friend's name.

That awkward moment when you crack your phone the day you get it.

Until next time, folks!!

Oh and also, if you want a chance to laugh at Lila's awkward old self (lol funny cause some of it still applies though) try reading the other chapters (1, 3, and 4 I think) of the original story (link in intro) because I was literally slamming my head against the wall reading that like "why old me, why why why were you so odd??" And yeah :)

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