That Awkward Moment...

So I did this on my old account and I was going through stuff cause I was bored and I found it and I was like why not? So I'm continuing here.

Here's the link to the original, also:

Oh and the first few chapters are going to be copied and pasted directly. I may a add the other stories from the original, but idk yet...

Chapter 1

A List of Awkward Moments I Guess

by: QueenLila
K, this is a list of all the "awkward moments" I could think of (and yes, they have all happened to me :P)

that awkward moment when you consider someone your friend (in real life and/or on Quibblo) and they consider you an acquaintance.......

that awkward moment when someone asks you something and you think they are talking about something else, and when you answer them they laugh at you...

that awkward moment when you get your period in the middle of school and can do absolutely nothing about it...

that awkward moment when you trip during a race in gym class and everyone laughs at you (but its okay cause I won anyways)

that awkward moment (cept it isn't all that awkward) when you have to decide between two awesome things and it's really hard :(

that awkward moment when you fall in love with all (well, most..... well, some.....) of your guy friends..... (not entirely sure where this came from but alright... It doesn't apply anymore lol)

that awkward moment when you realize that you smell awful (thank you gym class) and you'll be spending the next few hours in a small box with a couple high schoolers (one of whom is very uh, handsome........) (turns out that it wasn't really all that bad, in hindsight, cause from what I can remember, I was smelling the locker rooms. So yay lol)

that awkward moment when no one has heard of your favorite songs.... that is me everyday lol

that awkward moment when you are at a birthday party and everyone wants to watch an R-rated movie and you say "I'm not allowed..."

that awkward moment when you invite everyone to your birthday party except for one girl at your table....

that awkward moment when you realize you're the only one of your friends who still sleeps with stuffed animals....

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