A Cottage Adventure

A flash-fiction I wrote based off a dream I had. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


Valeria Anvisky had a normal day. She was walking back home from her work at the factory in the thick heavy snow. Simple enough. However, as she came across something peculiar her day changed from mundane to extraordinary.

There was a cottage that had never been there before in the clearing. Curiously, yet hesitantly, Valeria went to investigate. Cautiously she knocked on the door. As she did so, it swung open on its hinges and opened itself to her.

Peeking inside, Valeria saw tuffs of green grass, blue birds in tall, sweeping trees, and fields of flowers basking in the warm sunlight. Her curiosity getting in the way of her good sense, she stepped inside the mysterious cottage.

Almost immediately the door swung shut with a snap. Panicked, Valeria ran to the door and tried to pry it open, yet it would not budge. Defeated, she sank down and buried her head in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” A small voice hummed near Valeria’s ear, causing her to jump and look around wildly. After several seconds, Valeria located the voice’s source. It was a fairy dressed in a green and brown leaved outfit.

“Oh!” Valeria exclaimed in delight as more fairies came out into the clearing and around her. Then the fairies began to dance, and laughing Valeria joined them.
Then, almost out of thin air a blood red boar rushed out into the clearing and caused the fairies to scatter in a panic. Valeria backed up and tried to avoid the boar, as to not make matters worse.

She need not have bothered as the boar began to grow until it was bigger than her. Just as Valeria was about to run for dear life, she saw a piece of metal glimmering in the grass. Lunging towards it she extracted it from the ground and pulled it up in front of her. Though Valeria never handled a sword before, it felt almost natural in her hand. She ducked and lunged and slide under the monster, and with an upward thrust killed him with an explosion of glittery powder coming from the beast.

The fairies came back out and crowned Valeria as their savior. Then they gave her directions on how to get home. First she had to go through the Sugar Plum Lake, then though the Dragon Mountains, and then through Giant Country where more than likely she would have to join a tea party. Valeria was confused on how this would get her home but she decided to give it a go as it was the best shot she had.


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