A chain story about a young seventeen year old girl, black hair, grey eyes, and a birth mark/slash mark across her back. If you get the general idea, feel free to help me with this! It IS a chain story, after all!

Chapter 1

The Forest

Within the last six months I've come to fully understand that the scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls. Hidden deep inside flesh and bone, they laugh and deceive us. They control us. They feed off of our fear.
My fear.
My weakness.
And within the darkness, I've found that my heart is too dark to be cared for. It is a losing battle, a war between the love, our desires, our darkest fantasies...
And as the times grew longer, I became insane, consumed by my very own insanity.
Longing for a way to escape my horrible reality, only to find that there was no escaping myself.
The covers around my torso ruffled soundlessly as I pulled myself from the bed. Insane, yes. But not so far gone that I couldn't take care of myself. No so crazy that others around me were frightened of me, and shunned me away.
No. My Grandmother had pulled me into wide, loving arms and had hushed all the madness away, claiming that after the accident that had consumed my parents lives would soon fade, as well as the visions.
But six months of laying in a bed not my own with servants waiting on me had helped nothing.
I did not feel anymore human than I had felt that night.
The visions, the episodes of burning pain that would drown my cries, and the monsters that watched me as I sleep had not gone away. And the medication used to help me sleep gave me no relief.
I had to come face to face with my demons.
I had to be better for them, or I would be sent away from society as a freak.
I walked to my window in silence and threw back the curtain. The night smelt damp with dew and a low fog filled the forest. And from the corner of my eye an unearthly creature slunk into the green, deep, waiting for me.
I flung my legs over the window seal and climbed down the vined wall without hesitation, but with fear stiffening my legs.
I walked into the black forest. Not as a way of running from my problems, but as a way of courage.
To face the demons head on, once and for all.
But the forest gave away no secrets, no paths for me to walk upon. I stumbled, my knees crying out in pain as they scrape against the roots of a tree. Due to the heavy fog that filled the air, it was almost encouraged that I fall. In the corner of my eye, the same shadow darted pass, its large shadowy form close enough to send chills up my spine.
Fear drove me to run, my lungs gasping in rough gulps of night air and my palms sweaty. I became consumed by the uneasiness that followed me.
I could feel it breathing down my neck.
"Ah!" I screamed as my nightgown was being yanked from behind forcefully. My knees buckled and, in a fatal attempt to escape, I swung my arm but hit nothing. My head gave a sickening thump on the hard dirt floor of the earth.
before I knew it, darkness began to take its hold on me and I was being dragged away.


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