JoJo's Best Ways to Scare Away Boys or To Get Friend-Zoned! Based on real experiences

JoJo's Best Ways to Scare Away Boys or To Get Friend-Zoned! Based on real experiences

Some of these were inspired by this song:

Chapter 1

So here's some of the best ways to get locked in the friend zone or ignored for days at a time!

1) You're tossing the football back and forth in your backyard with a guy from your robotics who's A) a senior and B) A football player. Here's the 1st mistake, if you know anything about football and can actually play the game, YOU WILL NEVER BREAK THE FRIEND ZONE!!! My 2nd mistake was showing off. NEVER EVER CHUCK THE BALL TO HIM AND YELL "GO LONG!" IF HE HAS GLASSES! You will break his nose, and the nosepiece on his glasses.
That is a wonderful way to get Friendzoned.

2) You have 3 guy friends over for guys night because you're already "one of the guys" and you're all playing Mario Kart.
WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T DO: Play as Princess Peach, finish close to last, if not dead last, and then ask them to help you in the next round. Especially if you're one of those pretty girls, unlike me.
HOW TO GET IGNORED: I played as Yoshi, who all the guys wanted to play as but you know, I got to him 1st. I kicked all their rear ends and was really getting into the game with them, and I won every race I played in. Joseph refuses to play with me anymore because I won by so much. VJ still isn't talking to me because I stole his $10 bucks he bet in the race. Matthew is now calling me "Jo his Bro". That's a great way to get guys to turn on you.

3) You're sitting at your lunch table during the robotics meeting, and you're the only girl at the table, heck, the only girl on the team! Willem burps, pretty weak. Mike goes next, a little better, followed by Garrett, and then Derrick. They all stare you. If you want to scare them all away like I did, just chug the last of your root beer and belch louder than all of them! All of their eyes will widen and they will all be disgusted. Then they will all refer to you as "the master of burps!" and you will never be considered feminine again.

4) Just say the words "I'm" and "On my period" or "It's my time of the month". They will all scatter.

5) With spring training starting and the pre-season getting into gear for the Nationals, aka my baseball team, AVOID THE SUBJECT ALL TOGETHER IF YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON A BASEBALL FAN! If you begin to argue with him over whether Gio Gonzalez is a left handed starting pitcher or a right handed catcher will cause the boy to never speak to again, once you find the ESPN broadcast on your DVR about him and rub it in his face.

6) You're at the pool, you're finished teaching your swim lesson, but your uncle won't be there to pick you up and take you for Friday Night Dinner Out for another 30 minutes. There's a guy who wants to join your lane and swim laps. You agree and he asks to race you. Once again you agree.
TO WIN HIS HEART, let him win the race!
TO SCARE HIM AWAY, kick his butt in the race and then yell "Your butterfly is worse than the 7 year olds I coach!" It works, instantly!

7) Be a Grammar-Nazi. Enough said.

8) Start an argument with the cute guy in your bio over which is better, The Matrix or the Godfather. If you say the Godfather, and defend your argument by saying the Godfather was based on 3 books, all 2 of the sequels were also popular, and won 17 wellknown awards and The Matrix only won 27 awards and 3/4 of them had never even been heard of, and only had 1 sequel that was a flop

9) Being the only girl in your engineering/robotics class, and having to switch to the team shirt before a competition. (They all had to turn around)

10) The best way to scare away guys, TOWER ABOVE THEM!!!

So here are just SOME of the ways I've been friend zoned or scared away possible boyfriends/friends who are boys. I hope you all follow my lead.


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