Friends Forever

Chapter 1


by: sinned
I guess you could describe me as a lonely person. I only have one friend, but I don't care. We've been friends for as long as I remember, and our friendship is fantastic. We would do everything together, no matter how stupid or crazy it was. I can barely remember a second without her. And now this is where the hard part comes in, when I started getting feelings for her.

It came so sudden, I didn't even expect it. But out of nowhere, I felt like I was seeing her less. And it was around that time when I started to fall in love with her. I kept seeing her less and less, and I was scared to know what this would come to.

She started hanging with other friends, and she seemed to hang with them more than me. A lot more than me, actually. I was afraid that these new friends of hers were separating us. I thought this would cause us to never see each other again.

I really didn't want this to happen. I decided if I was going to admit my feelings for her, I'd want to do it as soon as possible. And that was my exact plan.

I was waiting inside her bedroom while she was in the kitchen. I told myself once she would come in here, I would straight up tell her what I thought. After she finished her meal, I heard her walking up the stairs to her room, and I prepared myself as best as I could.

She walked into the room, and when she saw me, she actually looked kind of surprised. I thought I might comment on it, or make some small talk, but I didn't want to stall this. She was leaving for somewhere with her friends soon, I had to make a quick move.

Without anymore thinking, I just blurted it out. "Rachel, I.. I love you". I stopped waiting for a reaction, but she just stared. After a while she looked a bit concerned, and I took an assumption for the worst that this wouldn't turn out how I wished. Finally, she stammered. "This isn't real, this can't. You're not real!"

A knock was heard on the front door of the house. She quickly grabbed her phone and purse and ran down the stairs.

I stayed upstairs, feeling confused and crushed. This would've ruined the friendship for sure, it's gone now.

The only thing I remember hearing downstairs before she left was, "Rachel, calm down. You're 19, you should've outgrown imaginary friends by now".


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