Is There any Good Way to Reject this Guy?(Help me please)

So there's this guy...

Chapter 1

With the things i'm dealing with now, i really don't need this

A bit of a background check: One of my best friends, her name is Alex, has been friends with this guy, Ethan, for at least 2 years. But recently, he developed a crush on me, and i really don't want to get into a relationship. This probably seems simple, but actually, it gets somewhat worse.

Alex and I walk around all the time and occasionally we walk with Ethan who has a voice deeper than God like i swear imagine Darth Vader mixed with Batman and that's his voice. Honestly its terrifying but awesome at the same time. Anyway, she wasn't supposed to tell me this but after repeatedly getting hinted i got a bit annoyed and had to ask. After receiving confirmation i really don't want to do this.

Ethan very recently got dumped by his now ex-girlfriend literally on Monday(1/26/15) . He's taken a fancy towards me, and even admitted to Alex that he's had that feeling for a while now.

The thing is, is that I would never date this guy in my life.

Yea, yea, i know that probally made me sound like the most spoiled brat on earth but it's true. He's not my 'type' in any way, shape, or form, and I'm not even looking to have a relationship in High School. Like at all.

Now i've known Ethan for about a month and we don't know squat about each other but Alex said that he should text me in order to do that. So he texts me and apparently, i'm a turn on.

Lord help me.

Alex also told him to wait a week before he asked me out. So i have counts on fingers 3 days until he pops the question. And i'm going to say, " No. "

But i need a really nice way of saying it.... He's been through a very recent breakup so i would literally just be his cushion. He's so nice and his voice is amazing, but i just wouldn't go out with him. Ever.


Here's my reasoning:
- I don't enjoy being someone's cushion for their lost relationship

- I don't like the guy in a more than friends way

- He hasn't even gotten to know me, its been a bit less than a month for god sakes!!

- I don't want a relationship in High School. Because once i graduate in Senior year, dude, i'm GONE. Like I am not living in the town, or any of the neighboring towns, i'm in right now, and i've got that settled. I know what colleges i'm going to try for, i'm planning where i'm going to move(and not that play planning, i'm legit looking at pros' and cons' of being in (insert state here) the taxes, how safe it is, estimated home cost.) like I am seriously not staying here. So it would be pointless to even have a relationship when i know i'm going to have to end it eventually. Only one guy is an exception- mainly because he's a traveler himself and we get along amazingly.

- I'm semi-scared of him. And we all know thats never good in a relationship



Thats some of the reasons i have of why i don't want to go out with this guy, I know one of you is going to say " Oh well one date can't hurt! " Uh, yea, it can. Trust me dude, i've watched it happen.

So what i'm asking guys is, is there anyway that I can make this rejection better for him?

Man, i sound spoiled...

Please help me guys i don't know what i'm doing or how i should even go with this

Other news in the world of Olivia!

I have gotten reserved for the squaredancing unit.... By the slightly creepy Einstein farmer kid

For my other squaredancing unit in my other gym class, my partner has left me because of a schedule change to where he doesn't have gym anymore. Damn you Mr W, damn you....

I'm recovering from a concussion!

Soccer season is starting up! high pitched squealling

The traveler kid(the one who i would actually consider dating) and I have become Alex's OTP (One True Pair) and she's writing a fanfiction i kid you not

But seriously guys help me on this i don't know what to do


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