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Chapter 1

My three requests!

Okay that is better!! I have some requests I will like you amazing fellow Quibbloians to do for me!

Number one: Check out this story by my bestest friend Lacey did (MrsHarrison1965)
What it is basically is that you think of a song that you love and she will do her amazing art skills and make a picture of it! She is a great artist and she is also very fast! So I would really appreciate it if you could send a request by commenting on her story! (she will let you know when she is finish with your picture)

Number two: As you might remember I did a story called An Interview with Harrison, Starr and me but lately no one has been sending questions to us. Sad I know, and its been so long that they have fallen asleep! So if you could please click on the link and comment some questions to these talented fellas and me we would really appreciate it! And also I really want to wake them up.

Number three: Lacey also has her own interview so while you're here send her some questions too! Pretty please?

Okay now I am gonna make this my newsletter thingy which I am and will gonna use if I need to!

Thanks for reading this! Please do them, I know you guys will be glad to help me and Lacey out! Otherwise you aren't very nice, which you guys aren't, so do it please!

See you guys later!
Peace, Love
~ Lennon


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