Perfidious Chances (A Camp Jupiter Group Story)

A once solo story with Jackie joining the ship. Please comment and rate!

Chapter 1


Nisha Ramaid was watching her friend Hector change light bulbs in the barracks of the second cohort. Well, trying to, anyways.

"You turn it the other way," Nisha told Hector pointedly. "Why don't you just let me do it?"

"I've got it," Hector said testily. "I know what I'm doing." Still, he switched from trying to screw in the lightbulb clockwise and back to counterclockwise. "I can switch out lightbulbs you know."

"I don't doubt it. Still, let me help you," Nisha said, already coming close to the ladder. "Come on, I'm a daughter of Vulcan, this will be easy."

"Are you saying that I am bad at changing lightbulbs?" Hector asked her, only half teasing. Nisha bit her lip, thinking about how to respond. It could be a tricky situation.

She eventually gave a small nod. "But you're great at son of Mars things," Nisha said graciously. "You know leading and battles and all that stuff. I just build stuff. And fix stuff."

Hector snorts. "You discredit yourself," he told her. "You're an amazing fighter."

"I'm better at building stuff," she said quickly. "Now please let me finish changing out the light bulbs. We don't want to be late for the war games. We get to build the fort today. Would you really rob me of that?"

"Nobody said you had to stay here, Legionnaire," Hector grunted.

Ah,so he pulled out rank. Well, two can play that game, Nisha thought. "Centurion Hector," she said formally. "You know that it is your duty to lead this cohort in this. And you not being there will-"

"Fine, just fix the lightbulbs!" Hector snapped. "I really don't like when you do this."

"You mean when I'm right?" Nisha asked with an arched eyebrow as Hector descended down the ladder. "Come on."

"I could punish you for this," Hector told her. "Your impertinence."

"But you won't," Nisha said knowingly as she quickly inserted the light bulb in, a soft light coming from it. She hopped down and moved the ladder over a bit and then, climbing up, quickly changed the next light bulb. "Besides you need somebody to keep you in check."

"There are the Lares, and the praetors-"

"I can't speak for the Lares but Reyna and Frank aren't babysitters," Nisha told him. "Beside, I see you constantly and they don't. Lets keep it real."

"I don't even know what to make of that," Hector told her, shaking his head. And it was true. Nisha did manage to make him unsure of his tongue and actions. However he didn't know that he made her feel the same way. That didn’t sound like that would happen between friends but it did. And to make it more ironic, Nisha and Hector were each other’s closest friend.

"Well the lights are fixed," Nisha informed Hector as she climbed down the ladder, brushing her black braid back behind her shoulders. "We should probably get going now." Nisha said it as a statement but she knew that Hector was the one with the actual authority here.

"Yeah we should.” Hector made his way over to his bunk and opened the cabinet next to it, pulling out his armor. He started to put it on over his clothes and Nisha took that as her cue to do the same.

"How long do we have to get there?" Nisha asked Hector as soon as she had finished putting on her armor and had her sword, shield, and spear on her. Nisha wished that the Romans didn't carry so much equipment, especially since she had more than the average person. Nisha was the second cohorts standard bearer. She got a horse so she physically didn't have to walk around carrying the pieces, but still it was annoying.

"If we run we can make it," Hector decided. "Ready?"

Nisha sighed and picked up the standard of her cohort from its place of honor in the middle of the barrack. "Ready," she parroted. The she and Hector start to run towards the training grounds.

"Take this as extra training," Hector called out lightly to her.

"Vescere bracis meis!" Nisha shouted back at him angrily.

"Really, 'eat my shorts'?" Hector joked. "You can do so much better than that."

"Fine," she snapped. "Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant! I hate running!"

"That hurt me," Hector told her, trying to keep a straight face. "Really. I've always had a fear of barbarians invading my personal space you know and-"

"Shut up," Nisha said with a violent blush.

"Errare est humanum," Hector told her in a cross between kindness, friendly-joking, and a mock patronizing tone.

"Don't speak Latin to me," Nisha said darkly. Though she was joking and they both knew it.

"Hey, you started it," Hector pointed out. "With your whole 'eat my shorts'."

"It was a perfectly acceptable thing to say," Nisha said boldly, though she did turn slightly pink in the cheeks.

"If you say so," Hector said. Nisha noticed how the light caught his blue-green eyes and how they sparkled. And what was she saying? Nisha did not think of him in that way. Hector was her friend. Her very best friend. And-

"What's wrong Nish?" Hector asked with a layer of concern. "You look like you are having an....I don't know. But what's up?"

"Ah...nothing," Nisha told him. "It really isn't anything to worry about. Come on, lets just get to the Fields."

"My daddy's fields," Hector said. He tried to keep a straight face but failed massively, cracking up. Nisha was unable to contain herself and started laughing too.

"Oh my gods," she gasped. "You're such a dork. Oh my gosh."

"It wasn't that funny!" Hector protested. However Nisha was too busy laughing to even acknowledge it. Running while laughing was interesting, especially when they were carrying heavy equipment. Because of this, Nisha ended up tripping and falling on her face, causing Hector to go into a laughing fit at her expense.

"Good job," Hector told her as she picked herself off the ground. Hector helped her up as she stumbled. "Here," he said, handing her an Ace bandage. "It's not ideal but you need to clean that," he said, looking at their cohort's dirty eagle. Nisha was pretty dirty , too as she had fallen in the dirt, which was now mud from last night’s rain. Nisha took the bandage, gratified. It was going to be bad enough that she was going to come dirty. She would have died if the standard was dirty too. It was a matter of pride for each cohort. It was an honor to be the standard bearer.

Nisha cleaned it hastily but thoroughly. "Come on," she told Hector. "I don't want to be late." Hector nodded, understanding. And then they both rushed off as quickly as they could to the fields.


Vescere bracis meis! ~ Eat my shorts!

Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant! ~ May barbarians invade your personal space.

"The Fields", referring to the Campus Martius or the Fields of Mars.

Errare est humanum ~ It is human to make mistakes

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