Storms of the Heart (A Hogwarts Love Story)

I have decided to re-write my previous, cringe-worthy version of my Hogwarts love story. I was only 13 when I wrote the first draft so I'm hoping to see a much, much better change.

This takes place in Harry's seventh year, AKA the second wizarding war.

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Chapter 2

Chapter II

The dreary, cold sight of the streets of Diagon Alley frightened me. I shivered, but pulled ahead of my family, trying to put on a brave face. I halted, realizing that no one was following.

Turning around, I sighed. Mum was attempting to comfort my younger siblings, Bella, who was thirteen, and Cody, who was eleven and just about to start his first year at Hogwarts.

I could just make out the words Mum was whispering to them, glancing side to side. I turned away, looking up towards the sky. The clouds rolled with the threat of an oncoming storm.

I remembered when this place was full of cheer. The shops were all wonderfully lit and painted, and Hogwarts students happily completed their shopping without the shadow of their parents hanging over them. Even now, the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was looking horribly bent out of shape. The wonderful gold paint, now a dull mustard yellow, was beginning to chip off. Normally, laughter and puffs of smoke would be emitting from the building, but now the curtains were drawn and not a noise could be heard.

Although I itched to race ahead and get away from the somber faces of my family, I knew I had to stay strong for Bella and Cody. After Dad died and my older brother, Nicolas, left to join the aurors at the Ministry, I was the stronger point of the household. I supposed it was fitting, though, as only my father and myself were in Gryffindor. Mum, Bella, and Nicolas were all Ravenclaw. I assumed Cody would be the same.

My family soon caught up, and we hurried through the shadows of the alley, drawing our cloaks closer around our bodies. It was a barren street except for a few other families like mine. I strongly disliked the feeling. It felt like we were mice, running away from the grip of the cat's claws, sneaking around, darting all over the place.

After retrieving our money from Gringotts- a very rushed visit- we decided to split up in order to get the shopping done faster. "Take Bella with you, Alex. Go get fitted for new robes, and stop by the apothecary. Get supplies for the three of you. I'm taking Cody to Wiseacres for his wand, and I'll stop by Flourish and Blotts to get the books. We'll meet you back here in an hour." Mum's hushed words were quick, and I barely had time to grab the bag of galleons she thrust at me before taking off with Cody.

I glanced at Bella, whose pretty green eyes were wide with fear. Her golden brown hair fell in a messy tangle down her back. It was such a shame, and so unlike her to not be obsessing about her appearance every five seconds.

Before all hell broke loose, Bella was an average preteen girl- snarky and with an attitude. Now I didn't see so much as an eye roll as I said, "Come on, Madam Malkin's is this way." Before, she would have snapped, "I know where it is!" But with the ongoing events, my little sister was scared. Terrified. We knew that death eaters lurked around every corner, rounding up muggle-borns and half-bloods to drag them to the Ministry.

I pulled into a side street to dodge a particularly shady character leaning against the wall, Bella clutching to my arm. My mind wandered back to the Ministry, and where Nicolas would be right now. Of course, we were pureblood, but he was also an Auror. Perhaps he got relocated to a different department. Perhaps the Ministry wasn't entirely crawling with death eaters. Perhaps-

"Alex, where are you going?" Bella's voice shook me out of my thoughts. She stood behind me in front of Madam Malkin's. "Sorry, I was distracted." I apologized. "Me too," she admitted quietly. I sighed. I missed the old Bella, the one who would have called me an owl-brain for walking right past the store we were supposed to go into. The one who would have teased me for my poor choice in outfit. But now, I saw a frail shell of a girl, terrified into believing that she and her family were next to be attacked by death eaters.

I was about to open the door, when Bella whispered, "Alex, I'm scared. It's never been like this. Dumbledore's dead. Mum can hardly sleep at night- I hear her crying dad's name when she thinks we're all sleeping. I can't even look forward to Hogwarts anymore." A tear slipped down her cheek, "I'm afraid."

I stepped forward and wrapped my sister in a hug. "Shhh, it's alright." I soothed. "Don't worry. Hogwarts will be the same as it always has been." I had to believe it. I just had to. Besides, it was my seventh year at Hogwarts. I didn't want to see my second home any differently than I had for the past six years of my life.

I felt Bella nod and heard her sniff. I let go and looked down at her face. "How about we see if Eeylops is open? We can go after getting everything else, okay?"

A ghost of a smile appeared on her face. "Okay." She hiccuped. I took her hand and led her into a nearly empty Madam Malkin's. Only one witch in the corner was being fitted. "At least we won't have a long wait." I squeezed Bella's hand as Madam Malkin appeared. "Hello, Ms. Cage," she greeted. "Your mother sent an owl just yesterday. I have her order." I exchanged surprised glances with Bella as Madam Malkin bustled away. She reappeared several moments later with three large packages. "I have robes for first year Andrew, third year Bella, and seventh year Alexandra." she read off a list of measurements, and after confirming they were correct, I paid the shop owner.

After we visited the Apothecary, Bella and I went back to meet Mum and Cody. "I promised Bella I would take her to Eeylops." I told Mum. "It'll only be for a second," I reassured her, after she gave me a fearful look. "Well... alright, it couldn't hurt." She agreed.

Eeylops was quite possibly the loudest shop in Diagon Alley. As we approached mid-noon, more shoppers began to arrive, making the area less gloomy. I did catch a glimpse of several students from Hogwarts as I entered Eeylops.

I was greeted by the sound of hooting owls and meowing cats. Cody immediately took interest to the jump-roping rats, and Mum cringed her nose as she followed him to get a closer look. I cast a sideways glance towards Bella, where she was near the cats. It was the first smile I had seen that day.

I headed towards the owl section of the shop and took a liking to a small tawny owl. I stroked the birds beak until Cody pulled Mum over, a cage in hand. "Alex, look! Mum bought my one of the jumping rats!" I almost laughed at the look of exasperation on Mum's face. "I think I'll name him Henry. Hey, Bella!" Cody darted off to show our other sister his new pet. "I'll buy it for you, if you want." Mum suddenly offered, gesturing to the owl. I looked at her in surprise. "But-" "It would make me feel safer if you wrote to me a couple times a week." She admitted. I nodded in understanding. "Thank you."

We left the store with Cody's rat, my owl, which I named Helena, and a rather large cat that Bella picked out and named Dragon. Already, the expressions on my brother's and sister's faces were happier. But of course, neither Mum nor I could shake away the fear that plagued our hearts.

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