Ten Questions to Get You Thinking!

Ten Questions to Get You Thinking!

Based on a conversation of mine and Rebbecas.

But I think I think to much that is how I keep coming up with these crazy as theories.

Chapter 1

First Ten

Here are ten great questions and theories to get you thinking, hope you enjoy.

1. I like to be weird, its better than being normal
But if no one is normal, then is normal weird?
Does that make being normal weird and being weird normal?

2. Imagine a dictionary with a glossary at the back, would it be a double dictionary? What if that glossary has another glossary? What if all the glossaries had a glossary? It would be the never ending book!

3. What is better eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? Most people would say eternal happiness is better than a ham sandwich. People say nothing is better than eternal happiness. But a ham sandwich is better than nothing.
So does make a ham sandwich better than eternal happiness?

4. Answer truthfully (yes or no) to the following question: Will the next word you say be 'no'?

5. What happens if you are in a car going the speed of light and you turn the headlights on?

6. what if I am sitting in a mental hospital right now? And you were never real, none of this is real, what if it was all a illusion, a world that my mind made up. Would that would make you not real!

7. What if life right now was a dream and our dreams were our real life?

8. What if like in ''silence in the library'' all humanity was destroyed and we are all just digital interfaces who think that we have a real life but life is just an illusion and we have just been programmed to think this way?

9. What if you woke up one day as a baby and realised your life was just a dream?

And for my favourite theory ''Drum Roll''
10. What if mirrors were a portal to a parallel universe? The only reason that mirrors are sealed is because they do not want us to access the things going on in their universe?

Well hope you enjoyed all the weird questions
Comment what you think,
Sarah the Timelord


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