Fat Shaming (Everyone, please read!!)

Fat Shaming (Everyone, please read!!)

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Chapter 1


by: KrisWolff
I don't care if you don't like seeing fat people, telling an overweight person that they should lose some weight, go to the gym, etc. is not only mean, it's ignorant. You think they don't want to lose weight? It's freaking HARD. I guarrantee you that they've heard what you've said thousands of times. You're not "genuinely concerned", else you'd be encouraging and helpful with tips and advice on how to lose weight. Someone's weight is their business, and nobody else's.

Cue the people whining about skinny shaming being the same thing
Skinny shaming is, in my opinion, not a big problem. I've seen hundreds of posts on social media: "Real men love curves, only dogs go for bones!", but they do not compare with "MAN THE HARPOONS, GUYS! WE'VE GOT A BIG ONE!", followed by a picture of a heavy woman. Here's some examples of thin privilege, http://everydayfeminism.com/2012/11/20-examples-of-thin-privilege/

If you're not convinced that thin people have a shtiload of privilege, think about this:
If I go to the store and fill my cart up with cookies, soda pop, ice cream, etc. I will get so many looks, "No wonder she's big!" If I go to the store and fill up my cart with celery, juice, and fruit, I will get so many looks, "Like that'll help."
However, a thin person who buys junk food, "Good for her! She can eat whatever she wants!" And a thin person buying health food: "Good for her! She's taking care of her body!"

I'm a bit overweight, and you know what? I used to hate my body, I avoided mirrors, and I wore clothes that hid me. But now, I don't really care anymore. Now, I know that it doesn't matter. Yes, my risk of certain diseases is increased; so what? It's not your place to tell anyone what they should do with/for their body.
I like my body shape, and if you don't, look the other way.



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