Friendship Chain: The goal is to reach 100 friends!

Friendship Chain: The goal is to reach 100 friends!

I've decided to start a friendship chain, but I need your help in forming it. All you need to do is join hands with me and the person beside you in the chain. Just leave a comment below to confirm that you have joined. You can also invite your friends to join as well.

Chapter 1

Will you join the friendship chain?

You can reply in comments with a simple "yes" if you want to. I don't expect you all to stand and hold hands the entire time, which is why I brought chairs for everyone. You can do whatever you like, including chatting with others in the friendship chain. Just don't leave, so that we can reach our goal of 100 friends. Let's work together to make this idea a great success.

As some of you know, my family is about to have a new addition, a little girl, who is to be born on January 30th. I already have a son who is almost 3 years old, so now we will also have a daughter. So I may not be quite as active on Quibblo once she is born, but I will continue to come on here whenever I can. Please visit my profile page at anytime: Thank you! :D


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