Video Games are for Nerds: Book 1

Chapter 3

Heart and Spirit

Snow filled the air, coldness was all there was, just three girls in a bright, white, nothingness. Wind, the howling wind swished through their ears. Crystal was the first to look up. She blinked and looked at her hands, almost blending in with the snow. When she got her breath, she shouted, not even looking back. "CHLOE! LINDSEY!" She bit her lip and waited for an answer. She heard a groan. "Crystal, hun! What happened?" That was a great question that probably even Einstein or Newton couldn't figure out. They had felt dizziness, then pulling, butterflies, then...well, here. Wherever here was. Crystal hesitated. "I don't know, where's Chloe?" Another groan and some splashes. "I'm over here!" They turned to see a soaking Chloe...wait...Chloe? "Oh my goodness hun, what happened to you?" They looked at eachother, confused. They all had big eyes, long hair, and...skinny bodies. Chloe snapped. "I know what happened. Its the only explanation." Crystal was impatient. "What? What? Tell us!" Chloe shook her head. This was going to be embarrassing, but after what happened, she didn't think they would care. "We're in the video game." Lindsey put her head in her tiny hands. Crystal suddenly tipped over backward. "Uh!" She looked behind her. She had bright, almost clear feather wings. She had a short white dress with straps that tied around the arms.She took a strand of hair. It was glowing. Crystal smiled. "I'm an angel! Can I fly Chloe?" Chloe smiled. "If you can learn." Crystal jumped with joy and without even knowing, flapped her wings. She dropped to the ground immediately with a big thunk. Lindsey looked at herself. She had messy, long red hair and a black hoodie with a strap around her stomach. She had tight black sweatpants with black flats. She quickly pulled up her pant leg. Her anklet had become black. She took it off and found a slightly larger black heart. Lindsey put the anklet on and pulled down her pant leg. Looking at a small patch on her strap, she found a sharp sword. She pulled it out. It shone like thousands of diamonds. She quickly thrust it back into her patch. She looked at Chloe. "So I'm like, a hunter, warrior, person?" Chloe nodded. "Yeah, I think so." Lindsey smiled. "Awesome." Chloe checked out her style. She wore a black tank top with blue denim jeans. She had long, black hair and blue sneakers. "I guess I'm, normal then. Cool" Chloe sat back down in the water. She looked up. She only had three hearts left. They all did. "Hey, Lindsey!" Lindsey was admiring her sword. She looked up. "Yeah?" "Can you get us some fish?" Chloe asked. "We only have three hearts left." Lindsey looked up. "Okay, well how do I get fish?" Chloe thought for a minute. An idea popped in her head. "Oh! You have powers." Lindsey was surprised. She wondered what it was, flying, super strength, shrinking. "Like what?" She asked. Chloe looked as if she was reading something in her head. "Put your hood on!" Lindsey was confused, but she put her hood on. She disappeared instantly. Al that was left was her hoodie, just floating in the air. Lindsey was impatient. "Now what?" Chloe laughed. "That's it! Here, come over here." Lindsey peered over into the pond. "Oh, wow, COOL!" Crystal sat in awe. "Wow, wish I could do that." Chloe smiled. "Yes, but you can fly!" Crystal nodded. "Only a few feet in the air, though." Chloe nodded. Well at least you have a power. She thought. "Anyway, so you walk into the river up north and swim. Don't worry about holding your breath, you can breath underwater. Find fish and get them into a line, then stick your sword through them. We will set up fire back here, if we can, and you'll bring them here and cook them. Now go. North is that way." She pointed. Lindsey ran. Chloe smiled at Crystal. "Lets make a fire." They gathered up branches from the occasional tree and set them up in a pile. Rubbing sticks together, they made sparks and lit a fire. It was occasionally put out from the wind, but they lit it back up. A while later, Lindsey came back with a sword of fish. She took her hood off and her body showed up again. By then, you could see the moon at a distance. They got the fish and cooked them over the fire. They ate and decided to sleep. Digging little pits in the ground, they slept. When they woke up the next morning, they decided to explore, no matter what they ran into.

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