Video Games are for Nerds: Book 1

Chapter 2

The Force

A couple days later, Lindsey and Crystal came back over. It was nice because the only people there were them and Chloe's mom. The guys had taken a week trip to Texas so they had free time. The great part was, Chloe's mom was the most easygoing fun person ever. So they all sat on the couch and talked for a bit, played truth or dare, and decided to have a sleepover. "Hey, mom!" Chloe yelled to her mom in the hallway. "Can the girls stay over tonight, their parents are fine if you are!" Chloe's mom, Becca, came out from the hallway with some latex gloves and dye. "Sure, whatever works!" Then she walked back. Lindsey stood up and said she had the most amazing news. Crystal and Chloe were excited. She lifted up her pant leg and took off her ankle bracelet. There was an inked heart on her ankle, it wasn't big, just a nice-sized heart. The girls stared in awe. Chloe smiled. "You got a tattoo!" Lindsey put a finger to her lips. "Don't tell anyone though! I haven't even told my parents!" She pushed down her pant leg. There was a moment of silence. "Hey, my brother just got this new game, wanna play it?" Crystal glanced at Lindsey. "Is it a video game?" Chloe looked nervous. "Well, yeah but I mean, its not like, nerdy." Lindsey laughed. "All video games are nerdy, hun." She was about to say more when she knocked over, dizzy. Crystal's eyes opened wide. Chloe about passed out. Lindsey managed to grasp onto a chair and pull herself up. "You guys felt that too, right?" They both nodded. It happened again, only stronger. Lindsey fell onto a table, knocking over a bowl of peanuts, Crystal tipped over a little bit, and Chloe really did pass out. Becca yelled into the hallway. "Everyone okay? Anything broken?" Lindsey nodded. "We're fine, thank you Miss Madison!" She yelled back. Crystal and Lindsey huddled together on the couch, saying nothing. It took a while for Chloe to wake up. They all had felt it, no doubt. Just what was it? They talked for a while. Crystal piped up. "Telepathy." Lindsey thought she was crazy. Chloe thought that was an interesting idea, but didn't want to say so. After talking, they felt it again. But this time, it wasn't dizzy, it was force. The force was pulling them, towards the TV. They all were yanked from their seats, feeling butterflies, but the kinds with jackhammers and bulldozers. Then they were pulled even farther, into the TV...and to another world.

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