Video Games are for Nerds: Book 1

Chapter 1

Too Cool for VG

ding, dong. "I'll get that!" Chloe Madison sprang from her seat and rushed to the door. She opened it and found her two best friends, Crystal Anders and Lindsey Wright. Crystal had on thick black glasses and was carrying a wooden clipboard, not even looking up and writing wildly. Lindsey stood with her hair in a messy side braid and a small denim purse hanging on her shoulder. Lindsey said "Well, aren't you going to invite us in?" "Oh right!" Chloe maid a gesture with her hands and walked into her home. It wasn't any mansion, just a nice little place in a small neighborhood with a few rooms. Crystal and Lindsey had seen it many times before. Lindsey looked over at Crystal. "Crystal, sweetie, you need to take the glasses off. Why are you even studying, the test isn't until Monday!" She nudged Crystal who looked up and slowly took her glasses off. She tucked them in her shirt collar and put the clipboard under her arm. Her blue-green eyes sparkled wildly and so did her white hair. They walked into the living room and saw Chloe's younger brother sitting on the couch playing video games. Crystal laughed and Lindsey snorted. "What?" Chloe asked. Crystal smiled. "Video games? Really?" Chloe looked embarrassed. "Oh, well duh. I hate video games." Then they sat down. "Jacob, move please." Jacob, Chloe's brother, looked disappointed but he moved. Lindsey sat down and kicked her feet up on the table. Crystal snuggled up with a blanket and closed her eyes. Chloe took her leather jacket off and tied her hair up. Lindsey was caught up in her own thoughts, Crystal was half asleep and Chloe was tired from chores. Sometimes they just had nice quiet moments like this. They loved hanging out together, but they had no idea what was going to happen.

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