Super Fun, 30 Day Fangirl Challenge!

Yo! My good friend, Rebecca Lennon, told me about this and I decided, "YOLO, let's do it!".

Enjoy learning about me! :D

Chapter 1

Day 1 - Favourite Beatle and why?

That's a pretty sick and cruel question, because I love them all. I couldn't possibly pick just one.


All right! For those who know me well, you'll be yelling at the computer screen. I can hear you doing it right now! Well, my favourite Beatles member is George Harrison, hands down. Why do I love him? Read this carefully thought out and highly accurate list:

1) His eyebrows
2) His voice was so different from the others!
3) He was very witty during interviews.
4) His Indian obsession! (SQUEEEEE!!)
5) His extremely successful solo career.
6) The fact that he was a sexier vampire than Edward Cullen.
7) His hypnotic gaze.
8) His rescue scene in ''Help!''.
9) His friendship with Ringo Starr.
10) Dat cowboy hat on the back cover of ''Rubber Soul''.

So that's my first upload! Hope you enjoyed it!
Much love,
Macca xxxx

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