An Anthology of Various Stories from Lila's Life

An Anthology of Various Stories from Lila's Life

I'm just going to use this as a boredom reliever. It's a collection (or it will be eventually) of random stories :P Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Story of Babar

by: QueenLila
So when I was little, I had this really big book full of children's stories. It included stuff like Curious George, Madeline, that little badger that loved jam... Stuff like that. I still pull that book out sometimes, because of all the memories. Anyways, over of the stories was about this elephant called Babar.

Here's a brief synopsis of the story: Babar is a little elephant living in Africa, when this hunter shoots his mother. Babar is chased by the hunter too - and I'm a little fuzzy on the details - and he somehow ends up in a European city (I'm thinking London or Paris). He meets this lovely old lady who buys him clothing and a car and such. His two African elephant cousins - Colette and Arthur - come to the city and find him. He says goodbye to the lady, and the the of them travel back to Africa. When they arrive in their snazzy suits and pretty dresses and their nice European case, all the elephants are like "Oooh". Unfortunately, the king then eats a poisonous mushroom and dies. Babar is appointed king, and he married his cousin Colette. That's pretty much the end, from what I can remember.

As a little girl, this story terrified me, like a lot. The beginning made me very upset, and I loved the elephant king. When he died, I was even more upset. Then when Babar left the kind little old lady, I was devastated. The entire story was a scarring experience, and I've never thought of elephants the same way again. Even now, I skip that story in the book...

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