The Best of Shamchat

These are some of my Shamchat messages. Because I love the site....when I actually get to talk to people.

Chapter 1

Arthur Kirkland and Ivan Braginsky

This is a conversation between Ivan Braginsky and yourself, Arthur Kirland (England).

Arthur Kirland (England): ............

Arthur Kirland (England): Ah, hello Ivan

Ivan Braginsky: Privet, Arthur

Arthur Kirland (England): H-how are you?

Ivan Braginsky: Well... I am good I suppose. I can not find my faucet anywhere however... someone has stolen it you see and I would very much like to have it back smile

Arthur Kirland (England): O-oh. I, um, haven't seen it...sadly.

Ivan Braginsky: You are sad? My apologies

Ivan Braginsky: Smile though it is better when others are sad, da?

Arthur Kirland (England): I...I suppose, Yes. If you say so.

Ivan Braginsky: You are agreeing with me? Ah! You are not feeling well then?

Arthur Kirland (England): No! No! I'm feeling fine! Peachy, even!

Ivan Braginsky: One doesn't feel like a peach and feel very well, England. smile Peaches are eaten.

Arthur Kirland (England): Whimpers

Ivan Braginsky: Ah, where is Amerika? He is usually with you, da?

Arthur Kirland (England): I don't know where he is.

Ivan Braginsky: Good, that is good. steps closer He is, after all, a capitalist pig.

Arthur Kirland (England): Steps back I can see how you'd think that.

Ivan Braginsky: Where are you going? Would you like to play a very fun game with me England?

Arthur Kirland (England): N-no, thank you! Very busy, yous see!

Ivan Braginsky: Nyet, you are out here, where there is no work place. Unless you are running an errand.

Arthur Kirland (England): Uh...yes! An errand!

Ivan Braginsky: Well, I will accompany you! smile

Arthur Kirland (England): I've got to go pick up so tea from Belarus.

Ivan Braginsky: Nyet, she does not produce tea. Bad lie.

Arthur Kirland (England): Runs off

Ivan Braginsky: laughs I thought you did not want to play!

Ivan Braginsky: Chase is my favorite game runs after you

Arthur Kirland (England): Screams and starts chanting Jack La Toya Janet Michel Dumbeldora the Explora!

Ivan Braginsky: Are you making rhymes? Fun! I will attempt as well, da?

Arthur Kirland (England): yelps running faster

Ivan Braginsky: England runs as fast as he can

Ivan Braginsky: Who can stop him no one can

Ivan Braginsky: nyet, I am bad at rhymes.

Ivan Braginsky: giggle

Arthur Kirland (England): Running to the safest and most dangerous place he can think of

Ivan Braginsky: Why are you hiding there England? I can simply find you, da?

Ivan Braginsky: begins searching

Arthur Kirland (England): Running to Belarus

Ivan Braginsky: Ahhhh, I see your tactics. However...

Arthur Kirland (England): Runs faster

Ivan Braginsky: Belarus is visiting someone else today~

Arthur Kirland (England): Whimpers and runs off again

Ivan Braginsky: I will catch you, little rabbit, keep the game fun, da~?

Arthur Kirland (England): Swallowing his pride and running to where he knows America is

Ivan Braginsky: Oh. Amerika is bad place to be. pouts You are a cheat, Arthur

Arthur Kirland (England): Runs faster making it there by the skin og his teeth

Arthur Kirland (England): *of

Ivan Braginsky: Nyet, I will play with you again. smiles You are very good at this game. Next time however... leans in closer you will not get away~

Arthur Kirland (England): Whimpers

Ivan Braginsky: kisses your forehead and leaves

Arthur Kirland (England): Nearly faints, but runs off to find Alfred.

Ivan Braginsky has left the conversation.

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