Good Reads

Good Reads

I have written this story for those of you like me who read lots and never have enough books to read.
I am going to write about books that I would recommend you to read, I am a very out there reader so hopefully you havent already read all the books.

I will try and write about a different book series every week.

Chapter 2

Book series 2, The Forest of Hands and Teeth series

Title: The Forest Of Hands And Teeth series
Author: Carrie Ryan
Books in series: B1= Forest of Hands and Teeth, B2= Dead Tossed Waves, B3= The Dark and Hollow Places

About: In Mary village she has always been told that the sisterhood knows best, she has been brought up to believe that there is nothing else beyond the fence that keeps them safe. But one day a girl comes from beyond the fence, how can that be? There is nothing beyond the fence. She soon learns that the Sisterhood has been lying to her, and they must escape their village once the fence is breached.

My Review: This is a great series with a lot of gripping moments. I love how the author has connected each book in the series, each tells another story. This action packed book will have you wanting for the next one. There is also a lot of sad and gripping moments, which I enjoyed a lot.

My Rating: Four and a half stars

Happy reading,
Sarah the Timelord

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