Good Reads

Good Reads

I have written this story for those of you like me who read lots and never have enough books to read.
I am going to write about books that I would recommend you to read, I am a very out there reader so hopefully you havent already read all the books.

I will try and write about a different book series every week.

Chapter 1

Book Series 1, The Virals series

Title: The Viral Series
Author: Kathy Reichs & Brendon Reichs
Books in series: B1= Virals, B2= Seizure, B3= Code, B4= Exposure, B5= Terminal
Characters: Tory Brennan and Friends

About: Tory Brennan and her friends that live in a small island off the coast of South Carolina go off exploring in their parents work just to find that someone had be running a illegal experiment. They go to free the dog that was getting experimented on and get exposed to a experimental strain of canine parvovirus that changes their lives forever.

My review: I loved this series, I think this is one of the best book series I have ever read, it is such a thrilling and intense series full of detail and adventure. I would recommend it to everyone to read it after all I loved it so much.

My Rating: 5 Star

Happy reading,
Sarah the Timelord

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