Can You Relate?

Scenarios that'll make you scream, "I so do that!".

Chapter 1

Top Ten Fangirl Symptoms

''Symptom One''
You find a celebrity and think, "Oh, he's pretty cute. I might look into him."

''Symptom Two''
You save a few pictures of him to your cell phone or computer.

''Symptom Three''
You can't stop thinking or talking about him/them.

''Symptom Four''
ANYTHING he does/they do is cute, hot or sexy.

''Symptom Five''
You start having sexy fantasies about him/them.

''Symptom Six''
You watch their interviews/TV shows all night long.

''Symptom Seven''
You can't go through one day without thinking about him/them.

''Symptom Eight''
You'll cry at anything about them, sad or not.

''Symptom Nine''
You can't take anymore of his face/their faces because you feel silly.

And finally...
''Symptom Ten''
You know you'll never date because he's set your standards too high.

Thanks for reading! More relatable chapters up soon!

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