♥ Write A Story With Me? ♥

Chapter 1

Story Time!

So here are the topics:

-One Direction (Ex. Elounor, Larry, Payzer, or just an original 1D story!)
-The Walking Dead
-Teen Wolf
-The Mortal Instruments
-The Host
-Pretty Little Liars
-comment with other topics, if you are interested!

MESSAGE ME PLEASE, unless you are leaving a comment for a topic!

Cross-Overs or AU's: I like putting my own twist in stories, so I really enjoy writing a cross over or an AU!

But what I'm looking for in another writer is

• Surprise me- Plot twists are beautiful. I really do enjoy them! I'm actually a sucker for plot twists!

• Communication- Talk to me! If you have writer's block, don't freak out! Ask me for help! I can't express this enough. We should form a bond over this story. This is a partnership. As long as the story goes, we are partners. If I need help, I'll ask you, and if you need help, ask me.

• Maturity- Look, none of us are extremely mature. I am definitely no. But I don't want anyone childish. Drug-use, sėx, alcoholism, these things could happen, and I don't want anyone freaking out if the story mentions them. (But, for those people who really like smut, take it down a notch in the story please... We all like some good smut now and then, just not now.)

• Fun- Let's not make writing the story a chore. If you ever feel like the story is losing it's touch with you, and when your turn comes, you're not as excited to start writing, tell me please. We'll see what we can do to turn it around.

Also, I've been gone for a while, so if the people who I've been writing with are still interested in our story please MESSAGE me! I've noticed that most are gone though :(

Thank You


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