What I got for Christmas 2014 :)

Since I'm not a beauty guru on YouTube {:c} I thought I would share what I received on Quibblo. :p Maybe some of you will be interested? maybeh not. Insert disclaimer that everyone else uses about bragging, true meaning of Christmas, etc :p

Chapter 1

What'd you get?

by: EmmyBearx
This year I received 3 physical presents for which I am extremely grateful for!
From my mom's bestfriend I got a cute pair of PJs :) Which I wore on Christmas Eve
From my step-grandma and step-grandma {My stepdad's parents XD} I got a REALLY NICE KEYBOARD because I used to want to take piano lessons.
From my mom I got a RED BETTA FISH. I name him Pizza. He is beautiful, and he lives on my dresser. He also loves betta fish food XD
Then I got some moneyyy $$$
I got $100 from my mom so I bought..
-The NAKED 1 PALETTE {omg}
-My bff's Christmas present which is a book from Barnes & Noble ;)
-A cute new sweater
-A cat collar for my kitty.. It's floral print and it has some rhinestones on it.
-Some chocolate ;)
Over at my dad's house I received $135 total from everyone over there including: my uncle, my aunt, my grandma, my grandpa, and my dad.
I haven't spent any of this money yet because I wanna start saving for a car, and I still need to buy a few VERY LATE Christmas gifts to be exchanged at school. :)

I know that I received a lot for Christmas, and I am so very thankful to everyone for thinking about me this Christmas. I also want to thank my grandma for making an AWESOME Christmas dinner!!!
If you celebrate Christmas, what did you get? :)


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