The Super Smash Rebellion

Story based off of the Super Smash Bros franchise, including four amazing authors.
Me, (Carrotawesome) Alexis_117, Flutekitty, and horselover2000.
Read on! :D

Chapter 2

1 - Robin

It was mid-day in Yilsse. Chrom insisted I stayed home to take care of Lucina instead of going to a conference in Regna Ferox. Apparently the two Khans, Flavia and Basillo, were having some problems with who is ruling the whole country.

Other than that, Ylisse hasn't been receiving any problems this year. I'm sure after four years worth of war, people would get a little tired.

"Hey, Robin!" Lissa came bursting into the room, as happy as she usually is.

"Lissa! I thought you left with Chrom and Fredrick?" I asked her. She came over to sit next me and played with Lucina.

"Nah, they told me to stay. Chrom said he wanted lots of people to be around you and protecting you and Lucina. You never know what's gonna happen, right?" Lissa giggled. "Oh, I forgot what I was really here for!" She pulled a letter out of her bag. It was a very plain envelope with just an emblem of a circle with two lines through it.

"Lon'qu says it's important since it had to go through some many procedures." Lissa mumbled as I sliced the letter open. The paper was delicate and had a gold rim. I skimmed through it quickly, not really recognizing anything that was specified on the letter.


You have been specially invited as a participant in our annual Super Smash tournament. This non-profit organization matches up exquisite brawlers from near and far reaches of the galaxy to battle it out as a test of strength, wisdom, and cunning. We would like to welcome you to the Smash family, as it would be an honor to have you as a representative of our Super Smash community. If you wish to achieve fame, wealth, and to join our amazing community, please be present at our first orientation meeting on the second of May, at the Super Smash complex. Best regards, M. Aster

"What is it?" Lissa asked, peeking over my shoulder.

"An invitation to the Super Smash tournament," I mumbled, still trying to figure out what's what.

"Woah! You got invited! Only our ancestors got invited to this. You must be pretty awesome!" Lissa was in awe.

"The second of May, that's in two days, right?" I asked. Lissa nodded.

"Well then Lissa," I put Lucina back in her crib and went to the vault hidden by a bookcase. "You wouldn't mind helping me pack, would you?" I took out my magic tome books that read Arcthunder, Arcwind, Arcfire, and Nosferatu. These were some of my most powerful books.

"You really want to go to the Smash tournament?" The future Lucina said from the doorway. "It's dangerous, Mother."

"I thought you went with your father to Regna Ferox!" I turned around to her, putting the tomes in my coat.

"I can't let you go alone. I have to come with you, to protect you." Lucina mumbled, her battle stance ready to go. I sighed as she'd be constantly following Chrom and I around, making sure we stay safe.

"Fine, you can come with but I don't even know if they'll allow you to come." I told her, packing my stuff with Lissa.

"They'll let me in." Lucina muttered under her breath, leaving the room. I assumed she was getting ready to go as well.

Lissa and I spent most of the day packing and so the next day I can leave. I still haven't told Chrom or any of the Sheperds. Today, everyone was supposed to come back.
The town was bustling with happiness from Chrom's arrival from Regna as they always were when he came back into Ylisse. Chrom arrived with is army, including Fredrick, Lon'qu, Panne, and Say'ri. They came into the throne room with a big entrance.

"Welcome back, Prince Chrom, Sheperds." The pegasus knights bowed to them as they walked down the carpet. Chrom came straight to me.

"How was your trip, Chrom?" I asked him.

"Fine, I suppose. I wasn't much help." He mumbled. "How's Lucina?"

"I'm fine." Lucina, eavesdropping as she usually is.

"I was tal-"

"Father, you need to convince her to stay here in Ylisse. She wants to leave for the Super Smash Tournament but it's to dangerous."

"Super Smash Tournament? That's something you can't pass up." Chrom said. "When are you leaving?"

"Soon. In a couple minutes, actually." I answered him.

"You better get going then." Chrom smiled, quickly pushing me off. "You should go with her, Lucina."

Lucina then rushed to my side "Let's get going then."

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