The Super Smash Rebellion

Story based off of the Super Smash Bros franchise, including four amazing authors.
Me, (Carrotawesome) Alexis_117, Flutekitty, and horselover2000.
Read on! :D

Chapter 1

1- Fox

I gritted my teeth and veered my Arwing around the Venom fighter, just missing his photon blasts. The fighter stayed on me and turned, firing rapid shots in my direction. The radio in my ship crackled on, and Peppy’s voice burst through. “Do a barrel roll!”
I ignored my teammate and continued to circle the fighter. I had been flying through space taking down armies long enough to know when a barrel roll was necessary and when it wasn’t. I grabbed the joystick in my Arwing control panel and jerked it upwards, causing the nose of my nimble spaceship to dip down. I sailed under the fighter and pulled up behind, firing my own ship blaster now. The Venom fighter was faster than expected. It spun around and tilted its wing to the left, missing my shot and firing its own. The blast hit my flank side, sending my ship twirling out of control. I jabbed the engine stabilization button and brought the ship to a stop, facing the fighter. General Pepper, leader of the Cornerian Defense Force, won’t be too happy to see my Arwing with a hull penetration. Anyways, my ship worked fine for now. I watched the Venom fighter and it watched me. For a moment neither of us moved. The rest of my aerial team was busy fighting off the rest of the Venom fighters, leaving me to deal with this one. I could barely make out the figure in the hood of the spaceship. An ugly brown pig smiled, showing yellow and broken teeth. He still didn’t move. My fingers trembled with the desire to press something, but I resisted. He was obviously waiting for me to make a move.
“Do a barrel roll!” Peppy said again, making me jump in my seat. I re-adjusted my flight helmet and prepared my blasters for another shot. “Do a barrel-”
I slammed my radio on. “SHUT UP!” My breath came out quickly and raggedly, as I just realized how overly harsh I may have sounded. This time, Slippy’s voice squeaked through. “Geez, Fox, calm down!” I rubbed my brow with my gloved paw and returned my attention to the fighter. The seconds passed and my mind felt strangled under the growing pressure. I couldn’t wait any longer. I thrust my ship forward, hurtling towards the fighter at an incredible speed. I was not a soldier of patience. As I got close to his ship, he immediately maneuvered up and around my ship. I stopped abruptly, but he already fired a shot into my ship’s backside. My Arwing jostled with the impact, and the power level on my console screen dropped sixty percent. I yelled in frustration, and flicked on the emergency engines. Out of the corner of my ship’s visor screen, I could see an Arwing, similar to mine, fly past me and fire a series of three shots, directly hitting the Venom fighter behind me. It exploded in a burst of sparks. Falco Lombardi switched on his radio. “Got your back, Fox.” Falco’s ship turned and settled to the left of mine. He looked at me through his ship and nodded.
We were soon met by Peppy and Slippy who settled around me, making a triangle-like pattern. “That’s all of them.” Slippy announced. “Good,” I answered. “Let’s report back to Corneria City. We’ve done enough for one day.” I switched off the radio and leading our triangle, we flew in the general northeast direction.

I sighed as I set down my Arwing on the landing strip of Corneria City’s Flight Academy ship hangar. Landing pilots ran around frantically, waving lights and parking shuttles. Other pilots were just coming in, arranging their ships in rows around the large room. I unbelted myself and tucked my helmet under my arm as I climbed out of my cockpit. I was met by a trainee pilot who nodded to me as he entered my Arwing to park it. I could make out General Pepper strutting over to me with his hands behind his back. Everyone who caught sight of him immediately stood aside and saluted, showing his large importance. I finally saluted as well when he reached me, and he saluted back.
“I trust your mission went well, Fox McCloud?”
I respectfully lowered my arm. “Yes sir. All renegade Venom attackers destroyed.”
“Good. I can always count on you, Fox,” He began pulling a rather crumpled envelope out of his inside jacket pocket. “By the way, this was delivered to my office earlier today with your name on it. It was demanded I hand this to you personally.” He handed me the envelope, which I shoved in my pocket. “Thank you, sir.” General Pepper started trotting away but turned his head back slightly. “Falco received an envelope exactly like that one. I’d be curious to know what’s inside it.”
I turned around and found Peppy, Falco, and Slippy unloading from their ships. They assembled in front of me, awaiting orders.
“Good work guys. See you tomorrow. We still have those illegal turrets on Helitun VI that we need to confiscate.” They began scattering, but I pulled Falco aside. “Did you get a letter earlier today?” I asked. “With the red outlining? Yeah. So?” Falco responded.
“What does it say?”
He ruffled his feathers as we walked down the hangar to the bay doors. “Don’t know. Haven’t looked in it yet. Is that all you need, Fox?” He replied rather sarcastically.
“Yep, thanks. See you tomorrow.”
We parted ways. I was heading towards my bunk, while Falco was probably going to get some practice training at the simulation deck. That was the thing about Falco. Despite all his quirks and sarcastic, sometimes cynical attitude, he was a hard worker and never failed to help me out. I couldn’t imagine my Star Fox Assault team without him.
I entered the elevator and punched in my floor number. The elevator rose slowly and steadily, always taking a vast amount of time to reach my floor. I began to regret my request of a high-level bunk at the top of Corneria’s Flight Academy. Still, it had a nice view of all the farmland and skyscrapers. The doors opened and I stepped out into the sun-lit hallway, turning right to enter the third door on the left.
I dropped down into my leather chair before my small wooden desk and brushed the fur on my head back. As much as I loved being an outer-space pilot, battling enemy forces in my Arwing, it sometimes seemed… a little boring. Day after day, I would get up, put on my flight suit, receive some dull job from General Pepper and carry it out with the rest of Star Fox, then come back home, ready to do the exact same thing the next day. I know, to some people that routine would be the best thing that ever happened. It just lacked the challenge. The things I had done were so big, that all the rest seemed too small for what it’s worth. I didn’t want to eliminate some petty fighters, I wanted to fight Andross himself! Okay, what happened back there was just an accident. Normally, that ship would have been destroyed much earlier.
I let my shoulders sag and remembered the letter. I pulled out the envelope from my pocket and inspected it more closely. It was a normal-sized letter, made of fancy pale parchment. Around the edges was a stripe of red, giving the letter a three-dimensional look. On the front was a symbol, a circle no bigger than a small coin. There were two perpendicular lines, intersecting at the lower left corner. This was plated in gold. The symbol looked slightly familiar, but I couldn’t recall where I had seen it before. I flipped it over, and on the tongue, my name was neatly imprinted in thin, swift letters. I ripped open the top and pulled out a slim sheet of paper. Throwing away the envelope in a garbage can, I handled the fragile paper and held it up to the light to read. At the head of the paper was the same symbol as the one on the front, with ‘SMASH CO.’ in small letters underneath. The body of the letter was fine and double-spaced. I began reading.
You have been specially invited as a participant in our annual Super Smash tournament. This non-profit organization matches up exquisite brawlers from near and far reaches of the galaxy to battle it out as a test of strength, wisdom, and cunning.
It clicked in my head. Yes, the Super Smash tournament! I never had any personal interest in the tournament over the past years, as I was too busy with other matters. All I knew about it was from word of mouth. Basically, a bunch of well-known heroes across the world were paired up to fight for sport. It was an intensely popular event, anticipated by thousands of fans every year. I read on.
As a growing member of our universal society, your skills not only in space but on ground are recognized and appreciated by many. We believe that it would be an honor to have you as a representative of our Super Smash community. If you wish to achieve fame, wealth, and to join our amazing community, please be present at our first orientation meeting on the second of May, at the Super Smash complex. Best regards, M. Aster.
At the very bottom of the letter was the address to the Smash complex. My eyes widened, and my heart began racing. I was invited to the all-famous Super Smash Tournament? I would be on stage in front of millions of people… This was exciting! This was exactly the kind of change I needed from my daily schedules. I glanced up at the calendar on my wall. The second of May. That was exactly four days away. I would need to get ready, and pack, and…
I looked up from the letter. Falco should have gotten one of these! I dashed to the door and with one fluid motion, I jerked it open and went through. Entering the elevator, I pressed the button leading to the recreational floor. Falco was still probably training. I ran out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened, and fumbled my way through the crowd of trainee pilots getting to their classes. I entered the simulation deck, where four other people were practicing their hand to hand combat. I found Falco on the side of one of the decks, relaxing on a bench and staring into the air as if contemplating the universe. His arm, draped over the side of the bench, held the letter.
“Falco!” I yelled, as I ran over to him. He looked over.
“What’s up?”
I shook the letter in my hand at him. “You got one of these too! We’re going to be famous!”
He looked down. “You read that? To be honest Fox, I’m not really sure…”
“What?” I retorted. “What’s there to not be sure about? Haven’t you heard of these tournaments? There are only like, forty competitors each year! This is our chance to become important!”
Falco continued to look down. He refused to meet my gaze. “Yeah, I’ve heard of it, but the whole thing seems a little… fishy.”
I stared down at him, clamping my teeth together. “You know what? I know why you don’t want to go. You’re afraid of losing. You think that you’ll be humiliated when some big macho guy beats you up.”
At this, Falco stood up and looked me directly in the eye. “No, that is not why. Look at the letter, Fox! It’s right there in front of you! It doesn’t really give much information, does it? Pretty much just, ‘join our competition.’”
I rolled my eyes. “Which is why there’s an orientation meeting. I don’t understand you, Falco.”
“No.” He raised his letter to read it again. “Listen to this M. Aster guy. Sure, we’ve all heard the name, but have we ever seen him in public? No! What’s the deal? Has he got something to hide? Also, do you pay attention to the lives of the competitors when the tournament is finished? You almost never see them again until the tournament next year. Why?”
I shook my head dismissively at Falco and bit my lip. “You’re being ridiculous. You’re also passing up a tremendous opportunity. You’re worrying about stupid things, and I’m sure all your silly questions can be answered. I’m going to go, and I really suggest you do so as well.”
Falco brushed past me but stopped. “Fox, you know I can’t,” He said, a little gentler than before. “I’ve got to keep an eye on Star Fox, especially if you’ll be away for a few months.”
“But that’s the thing!” I walked to keep pace with him. “General Pepper won’t mind at all. In fact, he’d be glad! Two of his best pilots in an insanely popular tournament? His publicity figures are gonna skyrocket! I’m sure he’ll give the Star Fox team some leave for a while, until we get back.”
Falco turned to face me and scratched the back of his head. “Okay, you know what, I’ll try this out. For you. But I can promise you, if I don’t like one thing about it, then I’m going home. Now listen, I’ve got to go upgrade the cannons on the turrets in the B-7 section of the armor barricade. So, I’ve gotta go. See you later.”
“Thanks, Falco. You won’t regret it.” I called after he departed. Giddy with excitement, I bounced my way to General Pepper’s office to request shore leave as I was going to enter the tournament.
As I had predicted, Pepper was more than glad. He immediately granted me permission and gave the rest of Star Fox a vacation. He said, and I quote, “Corneria will be legendary because of you, Fox!” He even provided Falco and me with the transport ship to the correct place, which was only a few planets away.
I spend the next few days packing my essentials; which weren’t much. My single suitcase contained two changes of clothes, a single communicator linked directly with Corneria City, and my toiletries. I wore my blaster and reflector, my primary melee weapons, on my toolbelt.
On the morning of May second, I woke up with a jolt from my alarm clock. It was four in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and pulled open the shades in my small apartment. The sun was just rising, but it was still dark. I turned around and threw on a white winter jacket with Star Fox’s logo from my dresser. I grabbed my pre-prepared suitcase and left the small room. I locked it behind me and descended in the elevator down to the hangar. Upon entering, I quickly found the large cargo ship that would transport me to the Smash complex. General Pepper was standing outside, talking to Falco, who was just getting on. He, too, was holding a single suitcase. I strode over and saluted to General Pepper. He saluted back.
“I was just telling Falco that I expect good results from you both. I want you to know that we’ll all be watching. I’ve redirected three of our main news channels to the Super Smash network.”
I smiled nervously, and waved goodbye. I stepped into the tight cargo ship with Falco, bending our heads as to fit inside. I took a seat opposite Falco and lay my case next to me. General Pepper saluted once more outside and slid the door closed.
“You guys ready?” The pilot up front shouted.
“We’re good. All set.” I responded, and turned to face Falco. He gave me a shaky thumbs-up as the cargo ship whirred to life, and soon took off from the landing pad. I looked out the window and saw Corneria getting further as we flew out into space. I turned back and found Falco resting his head on the seat. It was a good idea; I hadn’t slept much and the trip would probably take a few hours, at least. I lay my head back and closed my eyes.
I awoke with a wincing pain in my temple. The ship’s engine was constantly and loudly vibrating, causing my head to jostle. I searched around the little cabin for Falco, but he wasn’t there.
“Your buddy left ten minutes back,” The pilot said, finding me awake. “He told me to let you sleep.” I groaned and stood up, bristling my fur and stretching my arms. “Have we landed?” I grumbled.
“Yep. Have a nice trip.” He said, readying the engines once again, obviously getting ready to leave.
I pulled open the heavy door and stepped out with my suitcase. I took a deep breath, and broke out into a fit of coughing. Sand ripped at my nose, and the air was dry and hot. I was in a vast desert. I could make out vast sand dunes in the distance, but nothing else aside from hill after hill of sand. The sky above me was bright and blue, with not a single cloud. The sun was searing, and it hurt my eyes to look anywhere near it. Not really an ideal place for a tournament, but I didn’t make the rules.
I turned around and was instantly shocked. In the middle of the desert was an enormous complex of buildings and domes, all inter-connected. The outer color was a metallic silver, with green lines cutting through the middle of the structures. From my small viewpoint on the ground, I thought I could make out at least fifteen big domes towering over me, all next to each other like a box of eggs. Behind those domes were three big buildings, with a few smaller others surrounding them. None of them had any windows, making the entire thing look like some asylum or prison. All of this was enclosed in a great metallic wall, which also was grey in color. There were several shut entrances every so often, like the one which I stood in front of which had just opened.
“Well, come on then!” A woman shouted from beyond the open door. “Don’t want to fill your boots up with sand!”
Firmly grabbing my suitcase handle, I made my way over to the door and entered the wall of the complex. The inside wasn’t too different from the exterior; the same silver color painted the metal walls. I was in a rectangular room, with a high ceiling and bright fluorescent lights gleaming down. In front of me were many professional-looking security devices. There were at least six stages of security and checks, with grim-faced workers monitoring each station. They were clothed in slim white and grey body suits, with the Super Smash logo printed on the chest. The woman who had invited me in now stood beside me, smiling. She was clothed a little differently; she wore a white lab coat and had dazzling green eyes. Her hair hung loose from a ponytail, and she sported a pair of dark-rimmed glasses. She had an attractive face, but something about her repelled me.
“Hi, my name’s Debrix,” She stuck her hand out and I shook it. “I’ll be your guide on settling in to the Super Smash complex. You’re probably going to undergo a lot of tests and examinations under the next few days, but they should be a breeze. Now, step one. Name?”
“Fox McCloud.” I answered. She checked something off a clipboard and guided me over to one of the security devices. “Very good. Now, just for verification, if you’ll place your hand on that pad.”
I flattened out my fingers and placed my palm on a scanner, which was wired up to a large screen on the wall. After a quick moment, the screen flashed on and presented a lot of my personal information, including my name, family, date of birth, current address, and legal records.
“That’s, uh, a little more information than I had told you.” I muttered to Debrix.
“Yep.” She simply said, writing something else down on the clipboard.
“How’d you get all that information?”
She kept writing on the clipboard. “Uh… not important.” She said, distracted. “Okay, so, now that it’s confirmed you’re the real Fox McCloud, I formally welcome you to the famous Super Smash complex.”
She gestured around the ugly room and restated her sentence. “Well, I mean, this isn’t the complex. The beautiful part is beyond. But before we can get to that, we’ll still need to run more tests. If you please,” She pointed towards a large tube-like cylindrical structure with a door.
I opened it and entered, pulling my tail close to me as the inside was quite cramped with gadgets and wires. I closed the door and stepped on the center pad. A burst of light flashed out, and following it a loud hum coming from the machine. After about a minute, Debrix opened the door and took me out.
“What was that for?” I asked, now following her to an X-ray mechanism for my accessories, like the ones found in an airport.
“We’ve just found out your exact height and weight and stamina percentage.” She replied, turning on the X-ray machine. “Please remove any weapons you have brought with you.”
She gave me a small tray, which I placed my blaster and reflector in. She took the tray and put it on the conveyor belt, leading into a large, metal box. Debrix sat behind a monitor and took notes from a screen which I couldn’t see. Eventually the tray came out of the box, and she handed my weapons back to me.
“Okay, your blaster. Primary long-range assault weapon. Able to fire three quick blasts of Type V-2 beams, and a charged shot. Is that correct?”
I nodded, and she continued. “And your reflector. It’s an instant deflective-like force field that reflects back projectiles but not close-combat physical attacks. Right?”
“Yes.” I confirmed. How she knew all this from an X-ray scan was mesmerizing, but they seemed to have very advanced equipment.
“Alright, great. You still have a few tests to undergo, but we got the main introductory ones out of the way. I’m going to ask you to sit patiently in the waiting room until your name is called, and then you will perform a set of skills which a proctor will ask you to do.”
She prodded me to a door at the end of the room, and through it was a typical waiting room. Chairs were placed in rows, with a couple of magazines here and there. Only three others sat in the waiting room. I took a seat next to a small green dinosaur and opened up a magazine about the success of the Super Smash tournaments.
After a half hour passed and all three others had performed, my name was finally announced on a speaker. I stood up and entered a door opposite where I came from. Closing the door behind me, I looked around. It was a small, empty room. No pictures or furniture decorated the place, whose walls were gray and mucky, like an interrogation cell. There was one other door on the far wall, and on my left was a large blackboard. Obviously one-way glass. A person on the other side of the glass addressed me, with a light and floaty voice.
“Good morning, Fox McCloud. You’ll be performing a series of attacks for us today so we know how you face others in combat. All very basic stuff; we’ll tell you what to do. Are you ready?”
“I am.” I replied, not quite sure what to expect.
A shimmer of light dazzled before me for a second, and in its place stood a white punching bag.
“How did you do that?” I asked. They seemed to have teleported the punching bag into the room!
“Dimensional transportation, Mr. McCloud. You’ll find us using it to transport combat items in and out of the arena during brawl matches. Now, if you please. Take down the dummy as you would a natural enemy.”
I casually strode over to the punching bag and looped my arms around it. I hefted it over my head and threw it behind me. A murmur of multiple voices was heard behind the glass.
“Alright, Mr. McCloud, let’s try that again. A real opponent will most likely be moving.”
The punching bag disappeared behind me and reappeared in front of me, standing up.
They wanted something more impressive. I shifted my balance to my back leg and sprung out with a series of fast and accurate kicks, sending the bag flying back and hitting the wall.
There was another exchange of whispers behind the glass, inaudible to my ears. I could make out one voice saying, “Give him the practice shade.”
The light and floaty voice soon returned. “Mr. McCloud, you don’t seem to understand the concept of moving foes. We’re going to give you a moving opponent. Don’t be alarmed; he isn’t real, he’s just a representation.”
There was another dazzle of light, and I looked into the sharp eyes of… me. It was an exact replica of me, down to the colors on my jacket and the metal flight supporter on my head. He stood ready, bouncing on his feet as if ready to fight.
I turned to the blackboard. “Seriously? Like, this is kind of-”
A blow fell on my cheek and I staggered back against the wall. He had just punched me. My anger began to rise, and it looked like the fake version of me smiled. He pulled out his blaster and fired a shot directly at my face. I tore my reflector from my belt and activated it in front of me, making a light-blue hexagonal field of light flash all around me. The shot from his blaster hit my reflector light and spiraled back towards him, hitting his shoulder. He flinched back, and I took advantage. I grabbed his shirt collar and threw him above me, shooting him twice again in the air. He had recovered on his descent and kicked down at me, but I turned out of the way and his foot made contact with the ground. I leapt at him again and sent my fist flying in his gut. He fell back, temporarily stunned. I stepped on his chest, preventing him from rising, and pointed my blaster at his head.
He disappeared with a flash of light, and I tucked my blaster away in its holster.
“That was much better,” The voice said. “Thank you. Outside the door on your right you’ll be given a few quick injections and you’ll join up with a tour guide to explore the vast Super Smash complex.”
The door on my right leaned open by itself, and I went through.

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