Ouran: Next Generation

Ever since the very first and very popular Host Club at Ouran High School, more hosts have come and gone. In the years after all the original members of the Tamaki Host all graduated many new ones have taken over there place. Host are chosen based on personality and, they have to be good looking. Who would have guessed?
The soon to be hosts are trained and, when they enter High school, take on the roles of the previous hosts'.

Chapter 1


I will paint you a mental picture of what they look like and how they appear to the customers, which, essentially, is what you, the reader, are.

Name: Shizu Mioto
Host position: Host King(Tamaki) Also the Club President
Age: 17
Birthday: April 25
Sign: Taurus
Year: 3rd
Hair color: White
Eye Color: Red
Attributes: His uniform is a little messy. His shirt isn't tucked in and his tie is loose. But when you see his charming smile, the rest of him doesn't matter.
Personality: Appears charming, always tending to the customers. He is the most popular and requested host. But, unlike Tamaki, he goes farther than just talking. He may steal a few kisses and may even ask a few girls on dates.

Name: Ashita Kozin
Host position: The mother (Kyoya) Vice President
Age: 17
Birthday: Sep 4
Sign: Virgo
Year: 3rd
Hair color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Attributes: Unlike Shizu, Ashita's uniform is always wrinkle free and flawless. Not a single hair has ever been out of place. He carries a clipboard around with him much like Kyoyas'. And, though he doesn't need them, he sometimes wears glasses.
Personality: He is considered both the smartest and kindest host, very outgoing and with a calm and pleasant look on his face.

Name: Kota Itoko
Host position: Innocent 'twin' (Kaoru) Rokai's cousin
Age: 16
Birthday: March 17
Sign: Pisces
Year: 2nd
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Lt. Blue
Attributes: He has freckles which his cousin lacks. Making that the only noticeable difference between him and Rokai
Personality: He plays an innocent, and apparently weak character. But, unknown to most of the customers, he has a dark side, similar to Honeys'. Sometimes he is uncontrollable.

Name: Rokai Mitoko
Host position: Dominant 'twin' (Hikaru) Kota's cousin
Birthday: Oct 23
Sign: Scorpio
Year: 2nd
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Attributes: Always smiles, but beside Kota's freckles, the two cousins (As close as brothers) look exactly alike.
Personality: Likes to tease Miyobi a lot because he's the only one who is ever effected. He was in a variety of Fighting clubs when he was younger and could easily best a larger classmate.

Name: Miyobi Oki (Better known as Yo-chan)
Host position: Stoic Host (Mori)
Age: 15
Birthday: July 2
Sign: Cancer
Year: 1st
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Dk. Blue, nearly black
Attributes: The tallest host reaching 6'3". He looks older for his age and is often mistaken as a 3rd year and even college student.
Personality: Usually stay's quiet, but talks more than the origina Mori. Though he doesn't like crowds, he endures the Host club for Izo.

Name: Izo Chisai
Host position: Lolita Host (Honey)
Age: 16
Birthday: Dec 10
Sign: Sagittarius
Year: 1st
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Attributes: Very short, though not as small as the original Honey. He carries with him a purple frog with a pink belly and cheeks. Her name is Chizu and Izo is never seen without her.
Personality: Loyal and brave. He is the best friend you can ask for. He is smart, but Ashita is smarter. Izo can read you like a book and loves sweets.

Name: Kyoko Tsuma
Host position: Club Manager (Renge) Protagonist
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct 15
Sign: Libra
Year: 3rd
Hair color: Long black, straight
Eye Color: Dazling brown
Attributes: The most attractive and beautiful women at Ouran. She is idolized by most of the boys and envied by most of the girls. She even gets customers despite not being a host.
Personality: Cool and collective, the school beauty knows her place. She is called a 'Boyfriend Stealer' though has never dated anyone. Though it has been rumored that she's dated Shizu. Kyoko has even considered starting her own Hostess Club.

Name: Ryona Tsuyo
Position: Heroine (Like Haruhi)
Age: 15
Birthday: Dec. 22
Sign: Capricorn
Year: 1st
Hair color: Bright orange, curly
Eye Color: Auburn
Attributes: She has had a sickness her whole life, though no one has been able to figure out what it is. Resolting in only temporary solutions and medicines that keep changing.
Personality: Shy and sweet, easily overlooked. Because of her sickness, she has never been to a real school so she doesn't know how to act around others. She has no brothers or sisters and was left alone most of her life. Her greatest desire is to make friends with everyone at school.

More Characters may be added to this first page as the story progresses.

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