I'm Back

For those of you who might remember me...or who might care..I'm back.

Chapter 1

Back Again

Wow. It's been a while hasn't it Quibblo?

5 or 6 months of little to no activity from me?

I've come back to some of my best mates being gone and it saddens me. I guess I've grown a lot in the while I've been gone. But I really have missed the people I've come to care about here. You guys were some of the people who shaped who I am as a writer. And I'm back.

Hello new world of Quibblo. (As I have stated several times already) I'm back.

Me. Maive. Hi!

So for those of you who may not know or may not of cared that I essentially dropped of the face of planet earth, I'm Maive. I am 18, highly introverted, writer of crazy things and dreamer or equally crazy dreams. I haven't been on Quibblo in who knows how freaking long and one of my best mates, Marco (a.k.a. AwesomeOK1) is no longer on. (Absolutely brutal just so you know).

I have several awesome people in my top friends list who thought some of them aren't active are the best individuals you can freaking meet. I am a Senior in high school and scared to death about my future. I'm scared.

But I'm back, to hopefully update and get sh//t done. Anyways...leave comment if you so desire and let's strike up a conversation.


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