Destiny's Gambler

Author's Note: It's been so long! I can't remember the last time I started writing... This is my first time on since the beginning of the year. And the first time in a long time. I've made promises to return but I never can carry them out but, they're always empty. But it's a brand new year, it's a great time to make a fresh start. And here's my gift to you: a new series. One I can hopefully dedicate my full effort to! Enjoy.

Chapter 1

A Cruel Fate

The clouds rolled in and rain came forth. It was a soft drizzle accompanied by a gentle breeze and yet, the air was chilly and the skies were black. The streets were empty with not a single vehicle in sight and the pavements were forlorn, save for the puddles that slowly gathered. The gloomy sky lingered over the lonely city; just another day in Atalea.

The pitter patter of the rain, soft as it was, had a reach that spread all over the city; no corner was left untouched. The skyscrapers that threatened the rule of the clouds; the highways which served many but catered few; even the gutters and back end alleys which were hidden from view; all were subject.

The intensity of the rain escalated, hammering down on all that it encompassed. To the two hooded people standing in the alley behind the Jade Mansion, it felt like nothing. They barely registered the sensation of the downpour, instead engrossed deeply in their game. It took only three seconds: the toss of the coin, the catch in midair, the grand reveal. The thrill of the moment removed them from their current plane of existence; the game was but a momentary escape from reality. But with its end came their return but only a single winner.

"Heads; you lose."

The gun roared in synchronisation with the thunder, the bellowing sound of the storm disguising the fierce cry of the shot. The victim crumpled to the ground with not a sound, struggling to make out their opponent's face. As they looked up, the rain pelted themind taunted them, cruel and cold as ice. Ice. They felt like they were turning to ice. Their blood washed onto the ground, the rain cleaning all traces away. The opponent walked past to take their leave and as they did, they stopped in place and looked down at their fallen foe. It was not so much a condescending gesture as it was one of regret.

"It's only a shame that the game was rigged from the start."

They tossed the coin into the air and walked away. As the victim struggled for life, the coin came tumbling down onto the ground, spinning. Spinning. The world itself began spinning. Their mind turned to crimson. Everything was fading. Their vision blurred, a ringing sound in their head. With their last few breaths, they subconsciously reached out for the coin. Just a few inches out of their reach, they went limp. Their body submitted, but their mind resisted, if just a few seconds longer. As they plummeted into darkness, the last thing they saw was the coin, spinning on its edge.

Both sides displayed a head.

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